How Kamonk Helps?

Kamonk provides power to make your existing home smart through innovative & affordable smart solution

Mobile Control your devices

Control devices from anywhere around the world using Kamonk App

Voice Control your Devices

Certain Kamonk devices are Absolutely compatible with Alexa and Google Assist. E.g. Alexa turn on bulb and set brightness to 50%, Alexa turn air conditioner off. Moreover add shortcuts for smart features to Siri on iPhone using Kamonk App.

Group Control of devices possible

Group various same devices to control them together
E.g. Control On/off, Brightness, Colour, etc of all smart bulbs by making a group in Kamonk App.

Create Automations/Smart Tasks

Unlimited smart scenarios and Automations possible using Kamonk App.

Imagination is the only limit here, unlimited scenarios possible to fit each’s own.

I.e. Set a task for your smart device on basis of conditions such as When Weather Changes, Schedule, When another device turns on/off, etc.

Set and Schedule Timer

Create tasks for the Smart Devices to do, E.g. Geyser on all weekdays at 7 am and automatically off at 8 am, Heater automatically off in one hour

Track Electricity Consumption using Smart Plugs

Track electricity consumption live/daily/monthly along with reports and charts made for you.

Device and Home Sharing with Other App Users

Possible to add members to a particular home in Kamonk App, this allows them to use all devices under that home.

Easy Management of Devices and Homes

Possible to classify different homes/offices with their locations, further categorise rooms along with their type and then smart devices under each to make control easy.

E.g. User: X
Home: All Devices, Master bedroom, Kid’s room, Sangeeta's Room, Kitchen, Dining
Office: Director's Room, Associate hall, Pantry

IoT Technology

Pair text with an image to give customers insight into your brand. Tell a story, explain a product detail, or describe a new promotion.

Custom Scenes

Set your devices using app such that with one click you have the perfect ambience for your mood, may it be Party Scene, Study Scene, Office Scene or as you wish to create.

Make Non-Smart Appliances Smart

Use devices such as Kamonk Smart Plugs and Universal Remote to turn non smart devices into smart. Moreover they are simple plug and play – no need of an electrician to install these.

Create the Perfect Room Light Architecture

It features 16 million colours + Shades of White, Various features such as dimming, Music, Biorhythm, Scenes, etc.

Real-Time Notifications and Monitoring