About Us

Kamonk is an IoT based Smart Home Brand, you can control your entire home using Kamonk App, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Shortcuts.

Main USP is that there is n o automation related wiring or additional hubs required. Make your home smart with regular 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

Any regular electrician can install this solution.

This eliminates the main drawback of traditional automation, mainly, automation related wiring issues, high maintenance cost and time required to repair issues. In addition, project cost and time is saved.


The logo of Kamonk is a half sphere in white with a pattern of dots criss-crossing in different colours. The white signifies freshness, empowerment and simplicity.

The pattern of dots refers to the interconnectedness of industries, ideas and people that fabricate the company, technology, clients, employees and sustainability.

The colours signify the spectrum of possibilities that lies with loT space and how all different products function at one point.

The half sphere signifies the world of limitless futures. An encompassing vision of allowing for openness and inclusivity, with a history that we respect and learn from.

Kamonk is the future in loT space, the kind that is here to stay and lead.


Kamonk aims to make life more efficient, sustainable and greener by focusing on control, productivity and integrated smart solutions.


Kamonk aims to build smart home solutions with innovations, quality and the latest technology through valuable relationships witht stakeholders with a focus on growth, and dynamic work culture.

About the Products

Energy Efficient: The products and integrated smart solutions of Kamonk assist in building greener spaces and sustainable life by using the latest technology.

The product enables a system that is convenient as well as cost effective.

Accessibility: All Kamonk Smart Devices work on loT technology. They are all compatible with Kamonk App.

Most Kamnok Products work with Amaon Alexa and Google Assistant. Add shortcuts to Siri on iPhone iOS 12 and its subsequent versions using Kamonk App.

What We Do

Kamonk is an Indian Smart Home Brand dealing with loT products and integrated smart solutions, making it possible to control all your devices with a single app & Voice Control.

With a focus on the productivity and innovation, Kamonk provides value-for-money products along with latest technology and highest quality standards.

Why We Do

The world is changing everyday with newer innovations and technological solutions. It is not only wise to change with the world to move forward, it is also beneficial to us financially and ecologically.

Kamonk was founded by Anshum Khandelwal on this idea. It aims to provide affordable and reliable products that contributes to greener spaces and hence, a sustainable future.

Kamonk offers consistency in quality standards and reliability in its products. It contributes to a modern and streamlined design and caters to the ever-changing needs of the customer.