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a Smarter Home

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Premium Smart
Touch Switches

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Modular Smart Touch Switch

Control your device from
anywhere in the world
using Kamonk App

Create smart movie or office scenes using Kamonk app

You can set multiple timers to the switches. Schedule switch ON/OFF at different times and even plan specific duration control for various devices. Auto-regulate your switches when other devices turn ON/OFF. Automate settings according to your job requirements. Create smart scenes using mobile app. which gives you control of all your devices.

Control of devices from anywhere

Kamonk smart modular switches helps you get real-time monitoring about your devices. You get notifications in kamonk app. There is option to get notifications regarding your device schedules and you can control them from anywhere.

Easy control of your devices

Kamonk Mobile application available both at apple store and play store, voice control using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri shortcuts. Also you can manually control your devices anytime. It is easy to setup and require no additional hubs and wirings. Works with regular home wifi and can be fitted by any common electrician.

Share your happiness with your loved ones

Kamonk application allows you to share all the control features with your family members using Kamonk mobile application. Control of switches can be shared among family members which makes your life easier and you happier.

Installed by a regular electrician

Works with traditional wiring

Only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi needed to
make it smart (regular home Wi-Fi)

No need for automation
related wiring

Mobile control (Kamonk App)

Manual control (offline)

Voice Control (Amazon Alexa,
Google Assist. & Siri Shortcuts)



Automate tasks using timers & schedule

Set various timers and schedules according to your routine to help you in your day-to-day tasks. Kamonk offers the best home automation systems in India to help you start your journey to make your home smarter and more efficient.  

Smart lights allow you to control the lighting in every room of your house from your mobile device. Did your seven-year-old forget to turn off the lights in the kitchen? You can do it on the way to school right from your phone. Or configure your lights to turn on and off at set times, and never worry again if someone forgot to turn off the lights before you leave for the day. 

Set Smart Scenes

Home automation companies in India have just started to show up and Kamonk provides you with the best home automation products that allow you to set smarts cenes according to your preferences and access them with a touch of a button.  

With the Kamonk smart lights, you can keep a kitchen light on at night if you’re worried about the house looking empty or while you’re away.  

We offer the best smart home automation services in Mumbai and you can also change the temperature of the AC to a lower setting to keep the house nice and cold when you get back. Everything can be set to expire at a particular time, so things are back to normal by the time you get home. 

Switch to a more innovative way of life

Kamonk brings you the best home automation switches to upgrade your house that can be controlled manually, through the Kamonk app, or via voice control (using Alexa, Google, or Siri) 

Getting more specific, there are a wide variety of applications for which voice control is ideal. For example, it’s extremely helpful when your hands are occupied. It’s also simpler and quicker to cue music, tune-in to a particular TV program or set thermostats to specific setpoints via a voice command than manually scrolling through menus on a panel or mobile app. 

Unparalleled connectivity

Control your smart switches from anywhere in the world using cloud connectivity—transition to a smarter home with the best home automation company for you. Kamonk is also the best home automation company in delhi.  

Furthermore, you’ll have to learn how to use the Kamonk app, and you’ll be able to tap into countless functions and devices throughout your home. Wireless home automation cuts way back on the learning curve for inexperienced users, making it easier to access the functionality you genuinely want for your home. Kamonk is one of the best Home automation companies in india and our products reflect the same.  

Myriad of devices to spruce up your home

Kamonk offers the best home automation gadgets to accent your home, giving it a luxurious and palatial appeal. We provide the best home automation products in India with guaranteed satisfaction.  

Our smart appliances can be controlled remotely via the Kamonk app and also communicate with each other to share important information around usage: this makes it possible for you to make your house do all the work for you. 

Unlimited possibilities

Kamonk is the best home automation company in Delhi NCR and also one of the top home automation companies in Chandigarh; our products seamlessly integrate with each other giving you countless options for automation. You can set conditional properties to turn off a particular device when another one is turned on. For example, you can select the kettle connected to the smart plug to turn it on when the AC is switched off through the Kamonk app.  

Smart home solutions are incredibly convenient. Keeping all of the technology in your home connected through one interface is a massive step forward for technology and home management.  

A touch of opulence and grandeur

Kamonk is one of the best home automation brands in India, offering top-of-the-line products built with care and made for longevity. Take the right step today, and create a better & safer home for you and your loved ones. Our company provides you with the best home automation systems in india.  

With detailed statistics about the work and energy consumption of each of Kamonk’s smart devices, you can easily optimize their usage and adjust your smart home settings in a more cost-saving way. You can also allow your smart home system to do everything on its own. The Kamonk smart devices will shut down at any stipulated time set through the Kamonk app.  

Style, Security & Comfort go hand in hand.

Kamonk is one of the top home automation companies in India and among the best smart home brands and is proud to bring you high-quality home automation products that are sure to accentuate and modernize your home. All of our products are IoT-based, allowing for superior control and integration over a common network.  

We offer the best smart home automation services in Noida. Between functionality, convenience, security, and savings, the benefits of smart home solutions in India are countless. We at Kamonk are dedicated to being the best IoT ecosystem provider. that can connect different smart devices via the same app, provide all the hardware and software you need, and provide the security you need. 

Functional yet classy

We are among the best home automation companies in Delhi.  All our products are made to look and feel amazing while being extraordinarily functional and customizable. At Kamonk, we endeavor for a better, smarter, and brighter future for all of India.  

Smart plugs connected to ovens work much faster than manual ones and also come with locking mechanisms to keep children safe. All of our products can be controlled using AI-based virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Pune, and our range of smart products is built to ease your life and make your home smarter. 

All-encompassing control at your fingertips 

We pride ourselves on being among India’s best home automation companies, and our products speak for themselves. You can control your entire house and appliances through a single application and explore countless automation features.  

We offer the best smart home automation services in Gurgaon. All of the above combine to make smart devices and home automation companies the future of smart home convenience. When your appliances know how they are being used and share and analyze that information via the cloud and robust IoT ecosystems, they become almost like a butler, always there to help and always anticipating the needs of the person they serve (i.e., the homeowner). 

Lay in the lap of luxury & serenity

Forgot to turn your AC off? Don’t worry; let Kamonk’s wide range of smart devices take care of it for you. Kamonk has consistently been ranked as the best home automation company in Noida and as the top home automation company in Ahmedabad. Our products reflect our resolve to build smarter, reliable, and refined automation products.  

 Kamonk’s smart home devices can alert you to safety or security issues remotely. Get alerts no matter where you are for leaks, for leaving the garage door open, for smoke, for when someone rings your doorbell, or for if you left something plugged in that really should have been turned off before you left the house. 

Design that endures

Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Gurgaon and also one of the top home automation companies in Punjab. Our range of premium and modular smart home appliances will surely usher in a wave of luxury and modernity. You can easily control all of your smart devices from the Kamonk application. Along with unlimited options for automation.  

Using the Kamonk app, you also have the ability to tap into insights into how your home operates. You get detailed reports about each smart home device that you have connected through the mobile app. You can access the app record of user access for the smart lock and get real-time notifications and monitoring for smart switches. 

Luxury, security, and comfort go hand-in-hand.

Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Kolkata, and also one of the best home automation companies in Delhi. You don’t have to compromise on style & appeal with Kamonk. Our products offer the best-in-line security with a modern, contemporary design that pleases the eyes.  

All it takes is a single device with the Kamonk app installed to interface with all of your smart devices. Our products are designed to make your life easier, whether you’re preheating the oven on the way home or forgot to turn the lights off before you left. We’re here to help you with all of it.  

Better for the environment  

Kamonk is the among the best home automation companies in Gurgaon and also one of the top home automation companies in Chennai. Smart home automation systems and smart appliances like bulbs are very energy efficient and good for the environment since they do not contain mercury, unlike regular fluorescent light bulbs. Compared to incandescent light bulbs with a lifetime of about 750-2000 hours, smart bulbs have a lifetime of about 25,000-50,000 hours.  

Smart home automation solutions are also easier on the wallet since if you forget to turn off your lights while you’re away on vacation, you can quickly turn them off using the Kamonk app. While, if they were regular bulbs, you wouldn’t have such an option at your disposal.  

Easy installation & low maintenance  

Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Hyderabad. A regular electrician can install our products, eliminating the need for a specialized professional. Once installed, the automation setup can be done easily by anyone through the onscreen instructions and the provided manual.  

The advanced technology features on our products will give you more time to focus on things that matter and leave the day-to-day tasks to our range of smart home automation systems.  

Convenient and trustworthy 

Kamonk is one of the top smart home brands and among the best home automation companies in Vadodara; all of our products are IoT based and can be controlled from anywhere in the world through the cloud. 

Kamonk’s smart house products can turn on your oven to preheat before you arrive home from work using Wifi based home automation. The smart LED bulb can be set to turn off automatically when you leave your house, and the smart switches can be used to control a number of your home appliances efficiently.  

Unobtrusive, vigilant, and secure 

Kamonk is the best home automation company in India and also one of the top home automation companies in Surat making it the right choice for you to get started with your home automation journey. We offer the best smart home automation services and the best home automation devices to make your life easier and take some load off your day-to-day routine.  

Smart home automation systems such as smart cameras, smart doorbells, and smart locks are ushering in a whole new era of home security that allows homeowners to watch and control their entrances remotely. Our range of smart locks will keep your property and your loved ones safe while monitoring every person that interacts with the door handle.  

Superior functionality  

Kamonk is among the top home automation companies in Kolkata and also the best home automation companies in Karnataka. One of the main benefits of our Wi-Fi based home automation systems is that smart devices are always going to have way more to offer, in terms of functionality, than a manual device. 

Kamonk’s Alexa smart led bulb can replicate up to 16 million colors and hues, including three different shades of white, and be programmed to various smart scene settings such as a birthday party, movie night, or romantic dining.