Smart Plug 10A Setup

SIMPLE PLUG AND PLAY: First time setup easy guide



β€’ Sign up and sign in to Kamonk APP

β€’ Be in good range of 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, connect your phone to it

β€’ Turn on Bluetooth of phone for easier connectivity

1. First open Kamonk App (First time users: Sign up and Sign in)

2. Plug in and power on 10A Kamonk Plug Then smart plug 10A indicator would start blinking automatically, (If not automatically blinking then press and hold the power button on plug for 5 seconds after you have turned plug on)

3. Now setup Smart Plug 10A on Kamonk App. Tap on β€œ+” symbol on top right

4. It would show automatically Device to be added, tap Go to Add

5. Tap on β€œ+” in front of Bluetooth

6. Enter your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and password

7. Allocate room now / later, tap on done.