Smart LED Strip Light Kit

Smart LED Strip Light Kit Details

Smart LED Striplight Features

Mobile Control

The Kamonk LED bulbs can be managed through the Kamonk App. The device can be connected to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and
requires no additional hub.

Unlimited Smart and Automation Features

Create unlimited smart scenarios and customations with the Kamonk App.
Customize settings according to your schedules, the weather, the location, when other devices turn on/off.

Colour Brightness

Adjust Smart Bulbs brightness with Kamonk App or voice control.

Biorhythm Settings

The Wake-up and Sleep plan along with fading effect in the app enables a comfortable sleep and wake cycle.

Family Sharing

Create distinct places like “home” and “office” along with their
Create further rooms along with their type and smart devices under them.

Shades of White

Kamonk offers Warm Whites, Neutral Whites and Cool Whites ranging from 2700K to 650K to ensure maximum comfort.


With over 16 million colours, do the perfect room light architecture with the endless customization possibilities and create the ambience you prefer with any colour and shade.

Music Rhythm

Use the “Music” option in the app to make the lights follow the music.
The music is detected by the smart phone’s microphone.

Voice Control

The device works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Add short cuts to Siri for smart features Siri on iPhone iOS 12
and consecutive versions.

Let Devices Talk to Each Other

Command your smart bulb to turn on/off a certain way if task and condition is met. i.e., turn on room light when hall light is on.

Schedules and Timers

Set multiple timers and schedules to be turned on or off at the stipulated time. i.e., “Turn off Smart Bulb in 30 minutes” or “Turn on at 7 am.”

Group Control

Manage the LED lights individually or group them to control them with a single touch.

Power On Behavior

Manage light settings when devices turn on after they have been powered off. This enables you to determine how you want your lights to be, as per the last option you set or to the default mode.

Geofencing (Setup Task on basis of location change)


Electrical & Physical Damage Can't be Considered in Warranty (1 year limited warranty for controller and adapter only against manufacturing defects)


No Assembly Required

Pack Content

1N/2N LED Strip roll
1N Smart Controller
1N Adapter
1N Manual



Smart Devices Supported

IoT based : All Kamonk Smart devices can be put under automation with unlimited possibilities of Scenes and Smart features

Key Details

• Works on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, No additional hub required

• Control with voice: Compatible with Alexa and Google Assist - Add shortcuts to Siri using Kamonk App in iPhone (software iOS 12 or later version)

Smart LED Strip Light Controller

Smart LED Strip Light Controller Details

Smart LED Strip Light Controler Features

LED light controller, are the necessary parts to achieve remote control the lighting effects for LED strip and LED lights, including adjust brightness level, select color, and switch color-changing modes.

  • It supports different strip lights
  • Can control the brightness of the light
  • Can control the shades or different colors of the light
  • It is accessible on 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and supports Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Alexa, Google home, Siri shortcuts or our smart app


It helps to control the strip lights as per your wish and on your command with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support for easy and convenient use.


Create the ambience as per your mood, be it light or party, the lights that dance and work as per your command with LED controllers


It gives you an easy access with not just a remote but also your smart phone with the help of Bluetooth connectivity.


Some of the LED controllers give you the liberty to command your lights using your voice.


Electrical & Physical Damage Can't be Considered in Warranty (1 year limited warranty for controller and adapter only against manufacturing defects)

Smart LED

Lights to illuminate
homes and hearts

Creating a vibrant feel in every home

Uplift your room’s ambiance

Kamonk’s smart strip light will spruce up any living room or bedroom with over sixteen million colors and smart automation features like timers, voice control, geofencing, and group control.

Control at your fingertips

These lights can easily be controlled using the Kamonk application, which is available on Android and iOS. Moreover, once you’ve set up the strip light, you can use any smart assistant like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to operate the lights.


The IoT-based technology allows you to control your lights from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Smart features

You can set up smart scenes and geofencing features to automatically turn the strip light on/off, depending on your location, time of the day, or weather. Create automations to operate multiple devices at once

Music synchronisation

Our sound-reactive LED strip light synchronizes lighting with each and every sound so you can take your play to the next level.

Easy installation

Kamonk’s strip lights can be installed by anyone; just follow the instruction label bundled with the product.

Smart Lighting, Smart Ideas

Best lighting, the combination of dream and light