Choose a better way to illuminate your house

Kamonk’s smart light is made to enhance the visual appeal of your house. The smart LED bulb can be controlled using a 2.4 GHz home Wi-Fi, requiring no additional hubs, making it very convenient to install and set up. Smart devices are truly ushering in the new age of home automation, and they are sure to accentuate the vibe of any room you place them in.  

In addition, controlling the color of your light bulb is extremely simple; all you have to do is use the Kamonk app to select between 16 million different shades. Furthermore, you can also adjust the brightness, intensity, and hue of the smart LED bulb using the mobile application.  

A color for every mood 

Kamonk’s smart bulb allows you to choose between 16 million colors and shades. You do not need to buy a smart strip light when you have Kamonk’s smart light bulbs.  

Subtle changes to the color of a room can have drastic effects on the mood that it exudes. Set the right color for every occasion and event, along with handy voice control features to control the Bluetooth light bulb.  

For example, if you’re an avid reader, regular white light can cause a lot of strain on your eyes if you read in it for an extended period. You can use the Kamonk app to switch the color of the smart LED light to a warmer hue of white which eases the strain on your eyes, allowing you to keep reading for a little longer.  

Varied automation features 

Use the Kamonk app to set unlimited automation features based on the time, weather, location, and a lot more to turn the Wi-Fi LED light on/off. Furthermore, you can also adjust the blub’s brightness using the app or voice control using Google, Alexa, or Siri.  

Furthermore, you can also set up the light bulb according to your daily routines. Suppose, when you wake up, you can set the light bulb to start on a dim setting and then gradually grow brighter as time progresses, allowing your eyes to adjust to the light after a long night’s sleep comfortably.  

Set schedules & timers 

You can use the Kamonk app to set timers and schedules for the Wi-Fi light bulb to turn on/off at a stipulated time. Furthermore, the automation possibilities are truly limitless with the Wi-Fi smart bulb. You can set specific conditions to turn the RGB light bulb on/off when another device is switched on/off. 

Forget switching your lights on/off yourself and let the light work around you and your routine. You can change the color, adjust the brightness, and set smart scenes for the LED bulb from anywhere using your phone. 

Hands-free control  

Use Google, Alexa, or Siri to control the smart bulb. Suppose you want to dim the lights; all you have to say is, “ Hey, Google, dim the hall lights by 50%,” and the Google smart bulb will reduce its brightness by half.  

Kamonk’s smart LED bulbs are one of a kind, with superior features and a beautiful design. The Wi-Fi bulb is simple to install and is easy on the wallet compared to other smart home upgrades.  LED bulbs are also six times more energy-efficient than regular incandescent light bulbs. 

Colorful, feature-rich, and truly unique 

Kamonk offers you the smart light bulbs in the market to modernize your house and make it smarter. The smart LED bulb offers geofencing features that allow you to control the light based on a change of location. For example, you can set the bulb to turn off automatically when you leave your house.  

People always wanted to have everything in more comfort and convenient way, and IoT in smart homes, perhaps, is the greatest achievement in this direction. It perfectly copes with the task of simplifying and improving your life: a lot of processes in your home run autonomously, yet the overall control still remains in your hands. 

Control at your fingertips

If you have multiple Wi-Fi bulbs, you can control each of them individually or group them and control all of them with a single button on your phone. Change the colors of all the smart LED bulbs in your house for a movie night or game night with a single touch using the grouping function within the Kamonk app.  

You can also use the Kamonk app to set smart scenes, even while you’re away vacationing or at work. If you do not like having the lights switched off while you’re away, you can use a smart scene to periodically turn the light in your house on/off to give the appearance that someone is home. Albeit simple, this strategy has worked hundreds of times to ward off potential robbers and criminals. 

Biorhythm cycles  

You can set specific wake-up and sleep conditions using the Kamonk app along with brightness adjustment to suit your daily routines and provide you with restful sleep and energized mornings.  

Besides being highly energy-efficient smart LED bulbs also offer another intangible form of savings that comes in the form of time & energy. You don’t have to get out of bed to ensure the kitchen, hall, or washroom lights are switched off; it can all be done using the Kamonk mobile app. 

Planning for a party? We’ve got you covered.  

Using the Music feature within the Kamonk app, you can turn the Wi-Fi lights into a handy visualizer that changes patterns according to the rhythm and the beat of the music. Your phone’s microphone detects the music and sends it over to the LED bulb.  

Smart LED bulbs are also a big hit at parties and offer many options for decorating your house without adding physical objects. Lighting can change the mood of a space entirely and can dictate the theme for a specific night or event. 

Unlimited options to play with  

With over 16 million color options to choose from, there’s a perfect color for every mood, event, or function. Use the Kamonk app to select and play around with different shades and colors of the Wi-Fi bulb. We assure you that, at the very least, you won’t run out of colors to choose from.  

Moreover, smart LED bulbs do not need you to make any special alterations to your house or fixtures as they connect to regular slots for bulbs, and they have an advantage over standard fluorescent light bulbs in that smart bulbs can change their color according to the user’s preference

Peace of mind 

Smart bulbs bring a whole other sense of relief to day-to-day routines. You’ll know it once you try it. Kamonk’s range of smart devices will do the brunt of the menial work that you have been doing all along.  

In addition, if your phone isn’t anywhere near, you can simply use voice commands from Google, Alexa, or Siri to turn the lights on/off. It also allows home appliances to be automated like you can manage your coffee maker as per your schedule. It will automatically start brewing the coffee in the morning and evening when you return from the office.

A brighter, more innovative way of life 

The average incandescent light bulbs have a life span of only 750-2000 hours on average, compared to LED light bulbs can last anywhere between 25,000-50,000 hours on average.  

This is a gigantic difference, so switching to Kamonk’s smart LED bulbs will save you a lot of money in the long run and is much better for the environment as LED light bulbs do not contain mercury like compact fluorescent light bulbs. They are cost-effective and brilliant alternatives to run-of-the-mill light bulbs.  

Back to basics  

Kamonk’s smart bulb offers various shades of white, such as warm, neutral, and cool whites. Choose and set the color that suits the vibe of your house or room the best. With added dimming features within the Kamonk app, you can save up a lot on your electricity bill compared to regular light bulbs, which will reap a much higher cost.  

For example, you can set the smart light bulb to turn off automatically as soon as you’re out of the room or dim them until you get back. This will drastically reduce the overall cost and is also much more beneficial for the environment in general.  

Extensive interoperability  

All of our smart devices can communicate with each other seamlessly, allowing you to set specific conditions for each device. For example, you can use the smart LED light bulb as a notification light at parties when the music is so loud you cannot hear the doorbell. 

You can set conditions to change the light bulb’s color when the main door is opened, essentially turning the light bulb into an extension for the Smart Lock. There are truly endless possibilities regarding what you can do with the smart light bulbs from Kamonk.