Smart Plug


Smart Plug Features

Smarten Non-smart Appliances

Plug in non-smart appliances into smart plug to turn them smart for low power appliances.
16A: for high power appliances such as geyser, motor, A.C., etc.
10A: for low power appliances such as kettle, aquarium air pump, air purifier, laptop/mobile charger, mosquito repellent, coffee machine, etc.

Let Devices Talk to Each Other

Command your smart plug to turn on/off a certain way if task and condition is met.
10A: i.e., turn on kettle if coffee machine is on.
16A: i.e., turn on motor if geyser is off.

Energy Monitoring

Track electricity consumption live/daily/monthly along with reports and charts made for you.

Smart Scenes

Set various customized scenes according to their routine using the Kamonk app.
10A: i.e., set scene to “Morning Coffee” and set “turn on the coffee machine.”
16A: i.e., set scene to “Night Time” and set the AC on.
Create any ambience or mood i.e., Movie Nights, Party, Study Scene or Office Hours.

Unlimited Smart and Automation Features

Create unlimited smart scenarios and automations with the Kamonk App.
Customize settings according to your schedules or the weather, the location or when other devices turn on/off.

Schedules and Timers

Set multiple timers and schedules to be turned on or off at the stipulated time.
10A: i.e., turn off the kettle in 5 minutes or turn on the coffee machine at 7 am.
16A: i.e., turn off the motor in 15 minutes or turn on AC at 10 pm.


Setup a task on basis of change of location (leaving / arriving home) Eg. Turn off AC automatically when you leave home

Surge Protection & Flame Retardant


Electrical & Physical Damage Can't be Considered in Warranty (1 year limited warranty only against manufacturing defects)

Pack Content

1 Smart Plug, 1 User Manual


No Assembly Required


FR Grade Poly Carbonate (Flame Retardant)

Smart Devices Supported

IoT based : All Kamonk Smart devices can be put under automation with unlimited possibilities of Scenes and Smart features

Number Of Units Controlled


Key Details

Mobile Control from anywhere using Kamonk App (One APP – Many Devices: IoT) ,Wi-Fi enabled: works with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi (No additional Hub Required)

Control with voice: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Add shortcuts to Siri using Kamonk App in iPhone (software iOS 12 or later version)

Technical details

Dimensions (In Centimeters) :

10A : 7 cm(L) x 5.65 cm (B) x 4.65 cm(H)

16A : 8 .15cm(L) x 6.7 cm (B) x 5.4 cm(H)

Weight :

10A : 92 g

16A : 132 g

Smart Plug Access Methods

Smart Plugs
Makes Your Home Smart

Is it Wi-Fi-dependent?

The operation of devices such as door locks, switches and plugs does not require Wi-Fi if they are used manually. However, if you want it to be controlled by your phone, then the devices require Wi-Fi to function.

Which type of Wi-Fi router is needed?

2.4 Ghz is the frequency at which all of our products operate. Any wi-fi router in the market can be used to connect our smart home devices. However, our customers are usually advised to use mesh networks.

How to connect device with Kamonk App?

Download the Kamonk App (available on both ioS and android app store > create a user account > create a home > click on the ‘+ (add device)’ icon on the top right side > select your Kamonk device > Follow the instructions on the screen > your Kamonk device is connected.

Also, you may refer to Setup Videos :

Smart Plug 10A Setup / Smart Plug 16A Setup