Control all your IR devices, simultaneously  

A Universal Remote Control performs all the functionalities of a traditional Remote Control and more. It is a particular type of single remote control that can be used to control different types of devices regardless of the Brand that manufactured it. If you go for one of these, then there would not be any need for a separate remote control to operate most of the electronic devices at your place. 

Kamonk brings the best universal remote, and you might not even think of it, but running numerous remote controls will cost you a small fortune over time in batteries. Also, nothing is more frustrating than switching through all your remotes to find out the one you need to turn on; the television has dead batteries. 

You can save money by using one universal remote control instead of four, five or six controllers to operate your television entertainment system. Plus, if you break one remote, the functionality of these remote devices is thrown off, and you'll likely spend too much money finding a replacement remote for a single device.  

Spend less, save more  

Have you ever wondered how much it really costs to run your appliances? Or considered upgrading to more energy-efficient models, but feel unsure about which appliance will give you the biggest savings? 

When you connect your appliance through the Kamonk smart plug, you can track how much electricity it consumes. If you don’t want to buy ten intelligent plugs, you can always plug one appliance at a time into a smart plug. You can then track how much each appliance consumes, and you will know exactly what’s using the most electricity. 

With this knowledge, you can decide, without a doubt, which appliance will shave the most of your energy bill if you replace it. You can also select an appliance to keep attached to the smart plug, switch it off when it’s not being used, and cut down on its standby power consumption. 

Vampire power is the power your electronic devices use when they standby. Vampire or standby power can make up to 10% of your electricity bills. While a single device consumes very little in annual electricity use, you're no longer talking about pocket change when multiplied by several dozen products. Moreover, standby power use is roughly responsible for 1% of global CO2 emissions! 

Schedule timers to automate processes  

When you connect your appliances to smart plugs, you can switch them off from your phone when you leave the house or go to sleep. Or, you can schedule them to turn off when you know you won’t be using them. This way, you can save power without even thinking about it! 

Have you ever wished your air-con would just come on by itself on a hot day so that when you arrived home, the house was nice and cool when you arrived home? Or would your heater switch itself on in the morning 20 minutes before you wake up so that getting out of bed is just that little bit easier? 

What about if you have unexpected guests arriving? Your mum calls you while you’re still at work, and she’ll be getting to your house an hour before you get home? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could switch on the heating for her so she can relax comfortably while she waits for you? 

With a smart plug, you can schedule your appliances to turn off and on at the perfect times. This means that whether it's summer or winter, you can set a time for your air conditioner, fan or heater to turn on. Welcome to the future, where you get to enjoy your home at the perfect temperature when you get home from a hard day at work when you get up in the morning, or just any time! 

Smart, Compact and Feature-Rich  

Kamonk’s Smart plugs are devices that add connectivity and control to anything that runs on electricity. Whether a lamp, electronic device or appliance, when you plug it into a smart plug and then connect the smart plug to an electrical socket, you can control it by an app or voice assistant. Smart plugs also allow you to set schedules for your devices and adjust these routines based on the day of the week. 

You can combine Kamonk’s Alexa smart plug with other devices like smart switches to turn on lights when you enter a room. You can also program them to turn on and off according to a routine or control them from your phone when you are away. Plug them into a smart plug to schedule idle times when they can power down to save energy. 

Do you have a slow cooker? Have you ever been frustrated by the odd length of time you might need to put it on to cook your meal? 6 – 8 hours on low or 4 – 6 hours on high works in theory, but when you leave for work at 7 am and get back at 6 pm, a solid 11 hours will pass, and your meal is going to be well over-done? 

In the wonderful world of smart plugs, you can set a reminder in your phone to turn on your cooker at precisely the right time. This way, your meal will be perfectly stewed when you arrive home ravenous after a big day. 

Limit activity  

Are you tired of the weekday battle of getting your children to do their homework or go outside for a while? Have trouble enforcing rules on how much TV can be watched, or how long the Xbox or play station can be played? Smart plugs can help you manage your children’s screen time and put into place a healthy after-school routine. 

Here’s a great example: Let your kids zone out and rest for half an hour when they first arrive home. Next, turn the power off to the TV set up for an hour or two, and make this ‘homework and outdoor playtime’. 

Put the power back on for the hour before dinner, so you have the headspace and quiet to get that sorted. Finally, make sure no one is getting up at night to play games when they are meant to be sleeping – turn off the power when you go to bed. The simple use of a smart plug on a schedule makes it easy to put a regular routine like this into practice! 

One remote, many functions  

This may be a little obvious, but a single remote makes your television-watching experience much more accessible than with multiple controls. The No. 1 benefit to an IR blaster remote control is convenience and simplicity because it allows you to switch between different systems quickly. 

Kamonk offers you the best IR blaster remote; when you come home after a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is sit down and have to get back up to turn on your television manually or fumble through remotes just to get your entertainment centre to work. Get rid of the hassle of multiple remotes by getting a universal remote control that can switch between gaming systems and video players and even control the volume on your audio system when listening to music and watching movies. 

A universal remote literally lets you control your electronics with an all-in-one device. Power buttons, volume controls, mute, pause, replay and input options are all at your fingertips on a single device. Another great benefit to universal remotes is that they are rather simple to set up. Many people think it may be difficult to get a single remote to control each device, but Kamonk provides step-by-step instructions with every smart device.