Smart Lock


Smart Lock Features

Unlock using RFID, Fingerprint, Numeric password (full time / temporary app generated) or Remote unlocking using mobile app. Emergency manual key also available.

Optional auto closing and silent mode.

IoT technology helps to create smart scenes to suit your needs, record of user access in app.

Automation with other Kamonk devices and family sharing Kamonk app.

Smart Devices Supported

IoT based : All Kamonk Smart devices can be put under automation with unlimited possibilities of Scenes and Smart features

Unlocking Modes of Kamonk Smart Lock




Unlocking Modes

Manual Key

Bio-metric (Fingerprint)

Numeric Password

Full time user, or set using app for guests - password for specific duration or valid for 5 min

Remote unlocking

using app

Card Unlocking

Where can I purchase?

The products we offer are available online or at local dealers.