Product Features of Kamonk Fan Regulator Smart Touch Switch


From the Kamonk App's Home Screen, you can also control the Fan Regulator Smart Touch Switch

1.Click "Common Function" to enlarge the switch options.

2. Fan Regulator Smart Touch Switch has ON/OFF and fan speed controls, as well as access to child lock directly.


Move the speed bar from 1 to 5 to adjust the fan's speed.

1. You can adjust the speed by swiping the speed bar; the displayed speed is 5 at the moment.

2. The fan will turn off if you select "Switch."


The Schedule feature allows you to set the Fan Regulator Smart Touch Switch to turn on and off at specific times based on the day, time, etc.

1. Tap on "Timer"

2. Select "Add"Β 

3. Set the times, choose the days of the week, and decide whether to turn the fan ON or OFF. Then select "Save"

5. You may create an unlimited number of schedules.


1. Select "Settings"

2. You can activate and deactivate the child lock.

4. You can control the child lock feature's countdown timer.

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