Z-Wave Plus vs. regular Z-Wave

Z-Wave Plus vs. regular Z-Wave

Z Wave Plus is an updated protocol designed primarily for Z Wave devices. This update brings several improvements over the original version, including ease of installation, scalability, and security improvements.


The difference between Z Wave and Z Wave Plus is that the Plus model allows for faster transmission. It's also compatible with existing Z Wave products, so there's no need to upgrade your hardware immediately.


Like its predecessor, Z Wave Plus also supports 40 kbps but offers better network security and lower power consumption than the original version. A standard Z Wave device communicates in one direction on a single channel, while a Z Wave Plus can communicate in both directions on multiple channels.


However, despite their differences, both are compatible for controlling multiple devices with a single command. Likewise, both operate at the same frequency of 908.42 MHz.


Can Z Wave Plus be used with original Z Wave products?


The reason we only use Z Wave Plus certified products is for interoperability. All Z Wave Plus certified products can be used together. If you have an older Z Wave device, it should continue to work with the new Z Wave Plus device. The protocol has not changed; only the chipset of each device has changed.


Z Wave Plus protocol improvements


The Z Wave Plus certification mark means to consumers that the devices are fully compatible with each other and enjoy the many benefits of the standard. Better wireless coverage


The original Z Wave spec offers 30 feet indoors up to 40 feet, but the Z Wave Plus increases this to 130 feet indoors and 30 feet outdoors.


Longer battery life


Connected devices offer longer battery life and 50% lower power consumption for greater reliability. Improved RF performance


The new standard provides more bandwidth when using RF signals to communicate between devices. It also uses smart home technologies such as voice control or scene activation to enhance the experience.

Aesthetic design


The new tamper-resistant design ensures that Z wave Plus-equipped devices don't stick out like a sore thumb in the consumer's home.


Best Z Wave Plus compatible devices


Smart home hub


The Z Wave Plus network is at the heart of the smart home, which provides a communication protocol for networking and synchronizing smart devices. Z Wave Plus devices connect to a router to communicate wirelessly.



Entertainment control


Z Wave Plus gives you one place to control your entertainment system.


Door/window sensor


Z Wave Plus includes door locks, motion sensors, cameras, and more. It can be managed. This allows you to monitor and control what is happening at home remotely.


Smart Switch


Lighting automation reduces energy consumption and allows you to control the lights around your home remotely.



Benefits of using Z Wave Plus




The Z Wave Plus can be connected to any configuration that works on its original stand. They work with other devices and offer advanced feature sets. Therefore, there is no need to replace the current installation.

Smart Home Automation


The Z Wave Plus Wireless Collection helps you create an integrated smart home. You can connect smart locks, lights, outlets, thermostats, and other devices to start custom scenarios that control your home the way you want. With Z Wave Plus compatible smart devices, you can also get lighting control and energy efficiency.





Z Wave Plus wireless technology allows you to monitor your home without filters. Z Wave Plus compatible energy, water, and humidity sensors monitor how efficiently your home runs and provide early warning of leaks or flooding.




Z Wave Plus is the latest update to the Z Wave protocol. The Z Wave Plus adds features and enhancements such as extended range, longer battery life, and bandwidth. As a result, you can now use the Z Wave Plus to control various devices, including thermostats, window treatments, and lighting. Compatible Z Wave Plus devices are also interoperable, allowing you to create complex automated procedures.

November 03, 2022 — Chief Editor

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