With the advent of technology in our daily lives, home automation is becoming more and more popular. One of the most advanced home automation devices is the 700 series Z-Wave technology. The Z-Wave 700 Series product is the latest home automation device addition to the Z-Wave family. It builds on the features of the Z-Wave Plus and 500 series and offers better network coverage, better memory, faster connections, and better security. The 700 series also includes a wide range of products, including wall sockets, motion sensors, and door/window sensors.


Features of Z-Wave vs. 700 series. previous version


The Z-Wave 700 Series is the next generation of Z-Wave systems designed to support all Z-Wave Plus features and guide the future of smart and security devices. The 700 Series represents a performance, autonomy, battery life, and security breakthrough for IoT Z-Wave wireless networks. Some additional features compared to the Z-Wave 500 series:


OTA update


Over-the-air (OTA) updates mean you can update your Z-Wave device by sending commands from your Z-Wave hub or controller instead of physically connecting to your computer with a USB cable. wireless range


The Z-Wave 700 device has a longer range than the Z-Wave 500 device, with a maximum viewing distance of 800 meters. As a result, even if the location is far away, the Z-Wave 700 unit can be used to automate the home.

Extended life


The Z-Wave 700 Series quadruples the battery life of the 500 Series from 2 years to 10 years. It also consumes 50% less power than 500 series chips while maintaining optimal performance through a power optimizer. fast


It is 2x faster than the 500 series, consumes less power, and enables devices with smaller form factors.




It uses AES-128 encryption to keep your network secure and prevent others from taking control of your Z-Wave device.



The advantages of the Z-Wave 700 series


This innovative approach allows you to remotely control and manage your home appliances via your smartphone, tablet, or computer. From automatic lighting to home security systems and thermostats, the 700 Z-Wave series offers many benefits.



The 700 Series Z-Wave uses the languages ​​of the 700 and 500 series to increase network strength and reliability. Building on the success of the 500 series, the 700 series also brings many improvements and new features.

Strong signal


The 700 series Z-Wave chips are compatible with the 500 series devices. The 700 series Z-Wave chips extend the range of the Z-Wave network by using both Z-Wave languages.




The 700 series modules are useful in various applications such as remote control, monitoring, and automation. Advanced features include large non-volatile memory for network configuration and user files, two high-speed serial ports for use with external devices, Ethernet connectivity, and advanced routing and bridging capabilities.

Improved network configuration


Devices can be easily connected in any order from other devices on the network. This greatly simplifies installation for end users by reducing the number of problems associated with adding new devices to the network.



700 series Z-Wave devices




The Z-Wave thermostat allows you to remotely control the temperature of your home or office and save energy. It can also learn how long it takes to heat or cool space and automatically adapts to your schedule.


Sockets and adapters


Outdoor outlets control lighting and small appliances. The Z-Wave adapter adds Z-Wave capability to any standard outlet.




These devices include motion sensors, door/window sensors, water leak detectors, garage door sensors, and water valves that can remotely monitor anything in your home or office via text or email alerts. Some sensors also work with other Z-Wave devices. For example, you can install a motion sensor on your patio door to turn on the lights when someone opens the door at night.


Light control


Lighting control products using the Z-Wave 700 series include smart switches and dimmers, smart lights, and smart plugs. In addition, the new protocol provides greater coverage, so all these devices can connect even if they are far from the hub.



Wireless security camera


The 700 Series Z-Wave Security Camera allows you to monitor your home and children while you are away from home.



Ideal for homes and large businesses, the Z-Wave 700 series devices focus on performance, security, and interoperability. Some features include a longer range, faster communication, more storage, and increased security. With the growing adoption of smart homes and the Internet of Things, the Z-Wave 700 series will become popular.

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