Why Smart Devices Are Good For Our Planet? KAMONK

Why Smart Devices Are Good For Our Planet?

The earth is undergoing significant changes, and most of them aren’t for the best. Climate change causes global temperatures to rise, precipitation patterns to change, sea levels to rise, and the list goes on. Ultimately, it affects the Earth and everything that lives on it. Indisputable scientific evidence shows that humans are the primary cause of climate change. Unintentionally, we still have a negative impact on the planet, and it's up to us to fix it. Thanks to technology, we can afford and mitigate the effects on our planet. Here are some ways to help reduce your carbon footprint.


The smart home saves energy easily.

Home automation makes it easier for everyone to use less energy. Thermostats can monitor behavior in your home and automatically adjust the temperature or turn your heating or air conditioning on and off wherever you are. Smart plugs and lights turn off when the room is empty or when electronics are not in use. These are just a few ways that smart homes can save energy without additional effort from users. Other than that, smart plugs can turn almost any appliance into a smart one and automatically turn them off when not in use. Kamonk offers smart plugs with advanced features like scheduling, timers, and geofencing that allow you to control your appliances no matter where you are.



Intelligent transport systems reduce emissions.

New transportation systems such as lighting and sensors reduce emissions by improving traffic flow. A large amount of fuel is released when the car stops and waits for the traffic light to change. To counter this, sensors on the road detect when a vehicle is waiting at a traffic light or when there is heavy traffic in a certain direction. This sensor notifies traffic lights when they need to be changed to maintain traffic.

Some cities are introducing "flex lanes" or smart two-way lanes that can be used for two-way traffic by changing the signs above each route. These signs vary throughout the day based on traffic patterns to keep vehicles moving and avoid congestion.




Smart grids and meters to help reduce energy consumption

Smart grids and meters are not limited to providing electricity to homes and buildings all the time. They collect and analyze energy consumption data and communicate it to consumers. This helps to know how much energy they use and has led many people to reduce their daily consumption consciously. Smart grids also use artificial intelligence to distribute power properly. Outages and outages can eventually consume a lot of energy, and smart grids can help prevent this and save valuable energy when we need it. As smart technologies continue to advance, there is no doubt that we will find more ways to use them to improve our planet. We need to do our part to reduce our carbon footprint using the smart technologies available today. Technology still needs our help, so we still need to contribute as much as we can.

August 12, 2022 — Chief Editor

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