Which Smart Home Device Should You Purchase First?

Numerous home automation systems are available nowadays for almost every application you can think of. Naturally, it can confuse first-time buyers to deciding which gadget to buy first and what would be a good segue into the smart home world. This article aims to guide first-time buyers to make a more informed decision before buying their first smart home device.

Wifi based home automation is nothing new -- enthusiasts have been geeking out over home automation for decades now -- but in recent years, it's marched closer to the mainstream than ever before. In recent years, high-profile connected home gadgets like smart bulbs, smart lights and smart switches have all become breakout hits by offering attractive designs and tangible benefits, many of them at prices that aren't unreasonably high.

 Many might be put off at the thought of connecting everything under their roof and taking care of cumbersome construction work for installing these devices -- others simply might not know where to start. To that end, here's a look at how to answer a not-so-simple question: Which smart home brands should you buy products from first?

Define a purpose

Ask yourself: What do you want from your smart home?  Do you want to keep an eye on things with a do-it-yourself security system and camera feeds you can check from your phone? Do you enjoy simple conveniences like voice controls for your smart light bulbs and ACs? Do you want artificial intelligence and cloud-connected appliances to help freshen things up in the kitchen? You can choose from various smart lighting devices like light bulbs and switches.



To figure out what you want, think about the things you do at home on a daily basis and look for improvements that you'd find meaningful like installing mirror touch switches or a. Do you tend to wander from room to room before bed, turning off lights that the kids left on? Smart bulbs or that you can turn off with a single voice command or tap on your phone might make sense. Do you often shop online and worry about thieves stealing packages off your porch while you're at work? A  smart door lock with a feed you can view remotely might be a good fit that uses a  smart plug

We think smart lighting is a sensible starting point for almost everyone. After all, we use the lights in our home more than just about anything else -- adding in things like motion-activated lights for the exterior of your home or automatic wake-up fades that sync with your morning alarms make a lot of sense because you'll enjoy them day in and day out. Kamonk, one of the top home automation companies in India offers smart lighting options that are perfect for this.

Look for modularity & versatility

If nothing specific jumps out at you and you just have a general curiosity about what the smart home might offer, then look for flexible, multifunctional devices that you can use in many different ways. Kamonk’s smart plug is an excellent option for this as it can turn almost any appliance in your house into a smart device and that goes for the universal remote as well. You can plug-in-- lamps, desk fans, ACs, space heaters, etc., and all of them will turn into smart devices that can be controlled using the mobile application or by using your voice.

As always, when in doubt, start small. Once you find a product that you like, you can start to build around it by adding in other devices. Kamonk offers several smart home solutions capable of making your house even smarter and contributing some unique appeal of their own.


Ponder your platform options

If you're buying a new computer, you'll need to decide which operating system you'd like to use -- Mac, Windows, Chromebook, etc. Smart home tech is similar in that a majority of the most popular gadgets are designed to work into a broader ecosystem of devices -- the most common being voice control platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Siri controls that come with Apple HomeKit. All of these are offered by some of the best home automation companies in Hyderabad.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each of those options can go a long way toward helping you build out a smart home setup that makes sense for you, particularly if you're planning on using multiple types of gadgets like the Bluetooth light bulb. The smart home is just better when things work together with devices like the smart led bulb.

That said, most devices offer their own dedicated apps and controls and can be used independently of any broader platforms right out of the box. That means you don't necessarily need to make any commitments immediately. On top of that, a growing number of products support multiple platforms. Starting with smart devices like the smart lock, can help you keep your options open if you're undecided for now.


Each platform like the fingerprint door lock has its own security certification process designed to keep insecure, vulnerable hardware out of the mix -- that means that a product that works with multiple platforms has essentially gotten multiple passing grades from names like Apple, Amazon, Google and Samsung, all of which have a lot at stake when it comes to keeping their respective platforms secure. Kamonk offer a universal remote control which allows you to control all IR-operated devices using a single platform.

Voice control

If you are interested in voice controls, starting with any smart devices from Kamonk is a great idea. Our devices can be controlled using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri.

Choosing the right smart home ecosystem is your decision to make. However, no matter which ecosystem you choose, you’ll need smart home automation solutions to make your dreams of a smart home come true. With options like smart touch switch available, you have to pick a system that best suits your setup and the devices you use in your house. The key term here is interoperability between a device like the best IR blaster or a universal remote, the ability to support smart devices across all the major smart device brands. To put it simply, any voice assistant from any ecosystem (be it Apple, Google, or Amazon) should be able to control your wifi touch switch, and other appliances.


The best way to pick the right smart home automation systems for your home is to understand all the different options and narrow things down accordingly. With new smart home automation services battling it out in a complex arena of competing platforms and standards, doing so can get confusing in a hurry.


But hey, that's where we come in! Our articles from Kamonk are all aimed at helping you understand what a more connected living space has to offer . If you're looking for ideas about how you might put a smarter home to work or how to use the RGB light bulb, or the

Best smart lock, we'll help you brainstorm. If you're stuck trying to decide between two seemingly identical gadgets, we can help with that, too. If you want to dive deeper into privacy and security concerns before buying in, we've got you covered.


Bottom line: There's never been a better time to try your hand at home automation. Explore your options, and you'll find plenty of ways to start your smart home off right.Try out the touch switch to begin your journey.


With Kamonk devices like the google smart lock, you can choose to mix and match your smart appliances, from lights, curtains, speakers, ACs, and more. You can rest easy knowing that Kamonk can easily support all your appliances.

Kamonk offers various devices like the best smart lights, that fit into your existing switchboards seamlessly without needing any wiring changes or hassle. Kamonk also provides an array of smart features such as mood-setting,  voice control, automation of appliances based on time, geo-location and much more.

July 12, 2022 — Chief Editor

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