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Voice Assistants & Smart Home Automation

2022 is starting to feel a lot like 2020, with many areas still requiring self-isolation and work-from-home orders, meaning people are spending more time at home than ever before. It’s given individuals the time and the opportunity to invest in home upgrades, with virtual voice assistants becoming some of the holiday season’s most sought-after smart home gear.

Voice assistants dedicated to kitting out smart homes like Amazon’s Alexa are not as pervasive yet in some countries as voice assistants that are embedded in our mobile devices like Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant. Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Chennai and also one of the top home automation companies in Bangalore.

Voice assistants have been harnessing artificial intelligence to help us find things in our devices that we were too lazy to search ourselves for years. Still, when reaching out via the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect with internet-capable homes, they have the core functionality to become integral links to every other smart device on the premises like wifi lights.

A touch sensor switch also can be integrated with voice assistants to help you control your appliances intuitively, Touch switches for home have come a long way since then and can now be integrated with a smart door lock to help you create smart scenes that can basically automate your entire house. The digital door lock is a must have for every single home as it greatly increases the security factor. A smart plug can basically turn any appliance into a smart device.



Virtual enablers like Alexa have the potential to become the key connector, activated by vocals instead of some sort of graphic interface, that can make sci-fi smart home dreams a reality. Imagine turning on the lights or the television using voice commands, just like how Alexa already connects with Echo smart speakers. Subsequently, Kamonk’s devices are compatible and can integrate with other smart lighting devices

The untapped IoT promise of voice assistants to interconnect smart devices within a given space is part of the reason why the voice assistant market is expected to be worth US$7.8 billion by 2023.


What does it mean for businesses?

Business users have already been able to create apps from blueprints to do things like book conference rooms, connect to meetings, and access corporate data through smart speakers. But now, Amazon has just revealed that it is opening up the tech behind Alexa’s voice assistant system to enable businesses to build their own automated versions in other software and devices.

Automaker Fiat Chrysler Automobiles will be the first customer to use the product Alexa Custom Assistant, which will allow businesses to create their own intelligent systems with unique voices, skills, and ‘wake’ words.

Smart home system concept. 3D isometric remote house control system. IOT concept. Smart home connection and control with devices through home network. Internet of things. Vector illustration.




In-car infotainment systems are a logical new revenue stream for voice assistants. The Alexa Custom Assistant will allow carmakers to leverage voice activations alongside new technologies like augmented reality and gesture controls, to enhance natural and safe interactions with vehicles controls and infotainment systems.

Amazon says Alexa Custom Assistant can be used to build intelligent assistants into mobile applications, smart properties, video games, and consumer electronics.


The various voice assistants and their compatibilities

Things To Consider

The first step to consider is compatibility if you plan to automate your home appliances. You must ensure that your virtual assistant is fully compatible with your own smart home devices. A majority of smart home accessories available in the market are compatible with at least one of these devices. Please note that you can configure all of Kamonk’s devices like the smart strip light.

To integrate these devices like the smart led bulb with your smart home equipment, you must ensure that all the devices are connected to the same WiFi network. We offer the best smart home automation services in India and guarantee satisfaction with out devices.

We are also among the best home automation companies in Hyderabad.

 Let’s move further and compare the most commonly used smart home assistants.




Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa is by far the most extensively used virtual assistant for home automation app development and integration solutions. Alexa is fully compatible with most of the smart home and IoT devices available in the market. It comes with advanced features and capabilities, including Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). It can integrate with devices like the smart led bulb. 

As a result, it delivers great user experiences with increased accuracy and better user convenience. You can also integrate it with devices like the bluetooth light bulb. Which inturn integrates with other smart home devices like the smart touch switch. This can go on for as many smart devices you want. A wifi touch switch is one of the best ways to get started on your home automation journey. You can create smart scenes with a smart lock and other devices like a universal remote control.




Kamonk’s devices can also talk with other smart devices like the fingerprint door lock.

In addition, you get multi-language support to interact with Alexa in your native language seamlessly. As of today, it supports 15+ widely spoken languages as well as six English dialects. 



  • A wide range of compatible devices
  • 80,000+ unique Alexa skills
  • Compatible with third-party IoT devices
  • Multi-language support
  • Easy to use and integrate



  • Lack of privacy as anyone can view private conversations
  • Marketing companies can identify your device location
  • It can’t be operated wirelessly; it must be plugged in at all times
  • The quality of the Echo smart speaker is not very impressive


Google Assistant

Google Assistant enjoys a fair share of users because of Google’s extensive reach through its Android operating system. Google Nest smart speakers support Android and iOS smartphones and can be configured easily per users’ requirements. All of Kamonk’s devices are compatible with Google Assistant as well.


 All these devices can be connected with Google assistant. Here also, you get several AI features, multi-language support and thousands of unique voice-control skills. Google voice devices can recognize up to six different voices and you can create multiple accounts for better privacy and personalization.


All of Kamonk devices can be integrated with other devices like the wifi smart bulb. You can even use an rgb light bulb that changes color based on music. You can use a touch switch to control bulbs too and the main reason is that an electric smart switch is a much better option. Additionally, by using the best smart lock and by utilizing the remote control features of smart switches, you can control your lights from anywhere you are for security purposes. Turn them on or off at the appropriate time. Kamonk also offers other devices like the best universal remote in the business.





  • Better privacy features
  • Better personalization
  • Quick updates
  • Support for latest Android versions
  • Cost-effective



  • Less number of supported devices as compared to Alexa
  • Sound quality is not very impressive
  • Responses may not be accurate
  • You have to summon Google Assistant by calling O.K Google which may get annoying



Siri is yet another virtual assistant popular amongst Apple users for quite a long time. This Apple-exclusive personal assistant offers several unique features and better personalization options than its peers.

The major limitation is that you cannot integrate it with third-party smart home devices like the wifi smart bulb and rgb light bulb. However, if you are already a fan of Apple’s elite class product lineup, then you may enjoy a great user experience with Siri-enabled devices. Having said that, you can purchase Apple HomePod to voice-control all supported Apple HomeKit devices. Apple HomePod presents an exclusive range of smart speakers with unmatched sound quality to effortlessly manage your smart devices. HomePod seamlessly integrates with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem to give you an engaging user experience at all times.





  • Better privacy features than all its peers
  • Better personalization
  • Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem makes it easy to manage across all Apple devices
  • Improved sound quality with Apple HomePod smart speakers



  • Supported limited to Apple devices only
  • Less Siri skills available for HomeKit accessories
  • Responses may not always be accurate
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