Uplift Your Bedroom Decor With Home Automation

Uplift Your Bedroom Decor With Home Automation

The bedroom is one of our home's most private and sacred spaces. Here we spend a third of our lives sleeping countless hours reading books or with our loved ones. So we looked at some common mistakes people made when decorating this space and found some helpful solutions to fix them!


Choosing only one type of lighting is the most common mistake. For best results, your bedroom should have task and mood lighting. To find a combination that suits your needs, you must first decide how you will use your room.


If you plan to use it for dressing and makeup, bright, soft lighting around the mirror should be a priority. If reading in bed is a problem, you can dim the bedside reading lights so you can read without having to get out of bed and turn off the lights. Don't want to invest in too much lighting? Buy a dimmer and adjust it to the desired level! You can also choose a smart light with a dimming function and control it from various devices.



Not getting your cords in order: Our lives depend on our smartphones. And you have to recharge. Instead of searching for a charging cable at night, you can put a permanent charging station next to your bed.


 If you run out of outlets, you can install a built-in USB charger or connect a longer cable if the nearest outlet is too far from the bed. Either way, you can sleep without worrying about your phone or battery. You should also invest in a smart switch that can control your bedroom's appliances and devices. Kamonk offers smart switches in various colors and finishes with smart features like timers & schedules, geofencing, voice control, and more.



Investing in the wrong bedside table: Most of us mistake not caring about our bedside tables. Height is also important when focusing on the aesthetics of the table. Any higher or lower, you’ll have to stretch to reach it, and that can be uncomfortable in the middle of the night when all you want is a glass of water. You can also opt to purchase a smart plug that turns any appliance you connect to it into a smart one.




Replacing rugs: Rugs at the foot of the bed may look great in photos, but they defeat the original purpose of rugs to provide a soft, warm alternative to a cold, hard floor in the morning. Instead, place a rug next to your bed and start the day comfortably on your feet.

October 13, 2022 — Chief Editor

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