Home automation is remotely controlling smart devices in a home or building. Home management systems are becoming a part of our daily lives. As products with excellent features have been launched in the market, home automation system has become a necessity in today's world.

Smart IoT devices control home appliances remotely. For example, you can set timers or schedules for certain instruments and lamps to turn off when not needed. Here are the benefits of automated home ownership and how you can improve your quality of life.


What You Can Automate

As home appliances are automated, the possibility of home automation solutions extends daily. Several devices can work on smart devices.

  • The entire house, including the camera, lock, and door
  • Housekeeping and household appliances
  • lighting control
  • HVAC systems (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)



You can control lights, temperature, security cameras, and locks by pressing buttons or voice commands on your IoT device. Here are some essential IoT access control systems that can automate your home.

  • Wall terminals
  • Tablet or desktop computers
  • Mobile phone application



Applications for home automation

Today, it's easy to control everything in your home from one device. For example, you can control the temperature of the air conditioner or the amount of lighting in the lighting system.

Climatic control

You can do your best to check your home atmosphere with your comfort and needs. You also don't have to get up and adjust the settings. Instead, just place the order, and you're done. When you connect your AC to Kamonk’s smart plug, you essentially turn it into a smart appliance. You can now control it from anywhere in the world and set timers and schedules for your AC to turn on or off.




Smart lighting


You can easily control the lighting system of your room with the mobile application or voice control. You can also create different moods by changing the light's intensity. Kamonk’s smart LED bulb comes with over 16 million colors to choose from and has smart features like geofencing, group control, timers, smart scenes, etc.



6 Significant contributions of home automation systems to the smart home

Reduces utility bills

Monitoring and control save utility costs in a smart home environment. Smart thermostats and multi-tap, for example, allow you to see in real-time how much power each appliance is using and make changes to reduce consumption.

The same technology can be used to remotely turn off lights and electronics or when the HVAC system is not in use.




Home automation increases the value of your home, making life easier, saving time and money, and protecting your family. In the future, homes with smart technology will become the norm. So, if you want to sell your home in the future, consider installing a smart system.



Smart home automation is getting cheaper and cheaper as new technologies hit the market. Most smart home upgrades are priced within the affordable range for most homeowners. It all depends on the number of upgrades you want to make and the type of security system you want to install.


Home automation can control various household appliances from one source, including lighting, heating, security, entertainment, and more. And with the rise and affordability of smartphones and tablets, such convenience is unmatched. Observation without a physical presence

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