Apartment theft is a concern for many homeowners these days. Statistics show that over a million homes are attacked every year. This is a scary fact and an important reason to consider purchasing a home monitor or other smart security devices.


The system doesn't just track suspicious activity; It allows you to monitor your children. Home monitoring is not an unnecessary luxury. A system that helps protect your family and property. You need to know a few things to understand why you need a monitor at home.


A smart home automation system allows you to control your belongings remotely. You will receive notifications in the event of power outages and emergencies. Studies show that 60% of burglars do not enter a home with a visible surveillance system. Kamonk offers two smart locks with advanced features like remote unlocking, biometric authentication, RFID card, and numeric code access methods. You also get real-time notifications sent right to your phone.



Security cameras visible from the outside deter intruders, even when they are working. In addition to protection, it also serves to deter criminals.

Home monitoring systems also protect against gas leaks and other hazards. Warns of fire or leakage hazards.


When installed in a smart system, this home monitor lets you know when something is wrong in your home. It serves as the first line of defense in the event of a threat.



Access to emergency care


It is impossible to quantify how important a home surveillance system is. It can save you from life-threatening situations and even help identify criminals. This system gives you peace of mind knowing that you and your family are well protected.



Real-time security

Home surveillance systems have smart technology that provides 24/7 protection. An active monitoring system allows you to see what is happening in real time. You can immediately check the presence and time of intrusions and report them to the police.




Wireless home monitors are hard to disable

New technologies have made home systems more reliable. Using wireless technology, you can now install your surveillance system wherever you want. Easy to install with the adhesive on the back of this camera. Wireless systems near your home are difficult to access or disable. Most burglars try to destroy the camera before entering the house.


Wireless components make this difficult. Modern home monitoring systems can withstand adverse weather conditions. It is not easily damaged by strong wind or rain. Its durability makes it worth the investment.

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