Forget constant lighting. Smart lighting illuminates our homes and is an easy and effective way to improve home security. No need for fenders or fancy latches and locks. Because lighting is the only security, you need!




Imagine being able to control a lighting system remotely. Now you can control the lights in your home and give the impression that someone is home. All this with a simple touch on the smartphone screen and without effort. Some extra convenience features are available if your home is still running on traditional incandescent bulbs and you want to switch to LEDs. Smart lighting doesn't save energy just because it's LED. You can automate and remotely control the lights, so they are only used when and where you need them. Since this is an LED lamp, the already very low power consumption can be reduced even more. Ultimately, this benefits the environment by saving electricity bills and reducing reliance on the grid.



It may seem difficult, but Kamonk can. An example would be Smart Lighting or Strip Lighting from Kamonk. It has smart features like timers, schedules, smart scenes, and geofencing.  Smart lighting beats old-fashioned lighting like timers because it's much easier to control and can be set to mimic how your family uses the lights instead of following a predictable schedule. Additionally, it is also much more efficient than normal incandescent light bulbs and helps save a lot on energy bills. The average incandescent light bulbs have an average lifespan of about 750-2000 hours, but LED bulbs blow that number out of the water by boasting an impressive 25000-50000 hours of lifetime.


The smart bulb syncs with your smartphone and can be controlled remotely or programmed. It can also be programmed to work with other smart devices, such as smart switches and plugs. Using geofencing features, you can set it up so that the lights turn on automatically as soon as you enter your house or park your car in the driveway.


The icing on the cake!


Smart lights can also be controlled using voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. You can control your lights using just your voice, eliminating the need to interact physically with light switches altogether.


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