Smart Home technology was very important to install this gadget at home when it decided to sell a house. This can be a valuable company, so it should be very strong when choosing this technology. It should be the technology that adds value to your home.


However, homes with smart technology do not necessarily achieve a high resale value, such as hardwood floors, tile, and other additions such as extra rooms.

This smart device cannot increase the cost of the house, but it has a good impression, because it has a good impact on the house. Also, assure the buyer that the technology is part of the sale. Some people think it's just for display and will disappear if you move. This review looks at the obvious gadgets to help you sell your home.


Smart lighting

Be sure to replace incandescent and fluorescent lamps with smart LED bulbs. Smart lights are long-lasting LED lights that can be activated by voice or controlled and adjusted remotely using smart technology. Smart lights are often connected to Alexa, Google Assistant or other smart home assistants and can also be controlled via smart home mode. Smart Assistant allows your smart lights to communicate with connected devices or other smart devices such as entertainment systems. Kamonk offers smart LED bulbs with over 16 million color options and offers smart features such as voice control, timer, scheduling, smart scenes and geofencing. 



Smart fridge

You can also invest in a smart fridge with web capabilities. You can turn off the fridge, ask what's in the fridge and monitor the inventory inside. Refrigerators, unlike many other devices, cannot function without them, and smart devices are a good investment because they make your refrigerator better and easier. You can also turn your old fridge into a smart fridge with smart plug. Kamonk’s smart plug includes features like power consumption reports, voice control, timers, geofencing, smart scenes and more. We offer smart plugs with advanced functions such as: connect it with your old refrigerator and you can control it from anywhere in the world.




Smart camera and lock

Investing in security cameras and smart locks to protect your home is also essential. Smart Lock is a smart home lock, highly functional and customizable to your liking. It offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. A smart lock lets you lock and unlock with a password, fingerprint, or voice command, leaving the cumbersome house keys behind. It also allows for remote control and many other features. Kamonk offers remote unlock, biometric authentication, real-time notifications, and more. We offer two versions of smart locks with similar features.




Smart switches

Also invest in smart switches and sockets for your home. This is a very attractive prospect for buyers. There are many smart switches and sockets. Some don't need a hub to manage them, just an app. Kamonk offers premium modular touch switches that complement any space in your home. Premium smart switches are provided with various finishes and are provided with marriage functions such as family control, timer, smart scenes, geofencing, etc.




Temperature regulator

Potential buyers expect to have heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC). The smart thermostat system allows you to set the house temperature for specific rooms inside and outside the house using your smartphone. Thermostats are a big step forward in being able to change the temperature hourly, and if there's a problem, it's easy to fix if you're smart.


The advantages of installing smart devices at home

Improved device features

Smart devices have better features than non-smart devices. For example, smart TVs do more than regular TVs in terms of access to more channels, access to the Internet and compatibility with more devices.

Increase energy efficiency

Smart technology depends on use. When used correctly, optimal energy efficiency is achieved. For example, when used correctly, you can program the heating and cooling aspects of your home like a smart thermostat. Smart devices can learn your actions and fulfill your requests seamlessly. So you don't have to worry about wasting energy.


Smart home devices are very flexible when deploying new devices. In other words, it syncs well with other devices. Moving to a home where you can buy new appliances and interact seamlessly with other devices is very important because it makes it easy to operate them.


To sum it all up, when you decide to sell a home, investing in smart devices is quite crucial, as we have seen above. However, you should seriously consider choosing a smart device and choosing the right device for your home.

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