Did you know there are ways to keep your home safe without installing expensive security systems or alarms? The safety of your family and home must come first. This article covers some common solutions for protecting your home.


  1. You can use smart lighting.


Smart lighting is used in a variety of ways to protect your home.


You can do this by using an LED light controlled remotely from a tablet or computer. These LED lights can be used at work or in the city center and programmed to change on a schedule, scaring away thieves who have not yet noticed that no one has entered the house. Kamonk offers a smart bulb with over 16 million colors to choose from and smart features like scheduling & timers, geofencing, voice control, and much more.


Buy a functional floodlight for your property. These floodlights attract the attention of anyone walking around and keep pests away. You can also deter burglars by installing motion sensor lights in your home.




  1. Place ramrods under the door handle


Another great way to keep intruders out of your home is to install ramrods between the door handle and the floor. This will prevent intruders from trying to break into your home. The great thing about long jam sticks is that you can make them at home if you're on a budget or buy them if you're short on time. You should also not do this on the same door you use to enter the house to avoid locking yourself out.

  1. Always lock and secure windows and doors.

Last but not least, you can use to protect your home is always make sure your windows and doors are locked before you leave your home. According to one report, 40% of thieves are non-violent. If you have a sliding glass door, secure the window and place a solid bar behind the sliding glass door. Or choose a smart lock instead of a regular lock.



  1. You can leave the car at the entrance.


Leaving your car in your driveway may seem like a bad idea because it can be vandalized, but it can keep thieves away from your home if you're traveling. If you leave your car in your driveway, you may think the thief is in your house.

  1. Always keep spare keys in the box.


The seventh best solution for your home is to store your spare keys in a lock rather than under the floor mat, as most people do. This is the first place Bulgarians look when they want to enter their home.


  1. Always disconnect from Wi-Fi.


Wi-Fi blocking is another great way to secure your home. Hackers can use wireless networks to obtain financial and personal information, and Wi-Fi gives criminals direct access to your home if it's connected to a smart home device. To make sure your Wi-Fi is secure, do the following:


  • use firewall
  • Generate strong passwords
  • wireless router protection
  • Enable WPA encryption
  • Rename and hide your home network
  • Firmware update



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