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Manage properties with smart home devices

Having a smart device in your home allows you to control and automate it remotely and makes remote management of your device easier and more cost-effective when the device is idle. Home automation devices like smart plugs, switches, locks, and lights help you manage your property much better and save money.


Reduce contactless entry and theft with smart locks and doorbell cameras.


Ideal for self-guided tours and introduces maintenance personnel without on-site personnel. Smart locks and doorbell cameras give you access to vacant properties even when you're not there. Even after COVID-19 is over, the demand for ways to keep potential tenants and maintenance staff safe will increase. Smart Lock makes it easy to send a unique passcode that expires after a certain amount of time, giving access to everyone who needs it and denying access to others, so no keys are required. Kamonk offers two variants of smart locks with various access methods like biometric authentication, numeric code, remote unlocking, an RFID card, and a manual key. It also has an auto-locking feature to ensure your house remains safe even if you forget to lock it.



Monitor conditions all the time


Add temperature, humidity, and leak sensors to monitor the health of all devices continuously, especially if the device is empty. You will be automatically notified when water is detected, or humidity rises above a set range. This allows you to investigate and address issues before they become bigger problems or become a burden on your bottom line.




Providing solutions to prevent water damage


Imagine a tenant has been gone for two weeks, and the water line to his ice machine burst. Without a water damage prevention solution such as an automatic shutoff valve, a leak can only be found when a tenant on the third floor drips water from the ceiling.

But if you want to stop these problems before they start, you can save a lot of money by adding a smart valve that automatically shuts off the water when a leak is detected.

Ball valves can now be pre-assembled on all new builds, and smart water shut-off discs can be retrofitted without additional plumbing.


Key learning points


Smart thermostats, door locks, faucets, and sensors are just a few of the smart devices available in your building. It all depends on you and how far you can go with smart technology in your facility. Do you want energy efficiency, safety, or comfort? Why not use all three with turnkey packages and additional services?

September 13, 2022 — Chief Editor

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