Why not use the IoT to help our dear pets? Anyone who's had a pet has probably lost it temporarily or wished they could monitor it remotely. Connected technologies are not just for people but also for our furry friends.


There is a lot at stake when developing and implementing IoT solutions. Whether you're tracking vehicles, monitoring water tank levels, or driving your driverless tracker, there's a vested interest in getting it right. But in the end, it's just business, right?


Today, the stakes are even higher as we deploy IoT solutions to our loved ones: our pets. While they can be our cuddly companions, they are also assets to track and data to collect. Below we look at different applications of IoT in pet care.


Pet tracking

The worst comes to mind when a pet goes missing: did the pound get it back? Have they strayed too far from home and can't find their way back? Were they hit by a car? It is a stressful experience for any animal lover.


Smart collars are the answer. A smart collar wraps around your pet's neck like a regular collar, but bells and whistles do more than just ring. They include GPS tracking technology combined with Wi-Fi or cellular data and allow owners to view their pet's location on a desktop or mobile app. Additionally, when you’re going on a vacation or outside for a couple of hours, you can use home automation devices like smart switches, lights and feeders to ensure that your dog is safe at home.



Pets found

What happens if you find a pet on the street and take it to the shelter? If your dog or cat has escaped, your worst nightmare is that your pet is adopted or put down once at the shelter for not finding it in time (and the shelter staff have the same fear). Pet facial recognition is another step in reuniting pets with their families. Finding Rover has partnered with the Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter and uses intelligent computer algorithms to identify your pet from a database of uploaded animal photos. Owners upload a photo of the lost pet to an app, answer a few questions about the pet's physical appearance, then view photos of any found pets that best match theirs.


Taking care of our pets with the IoT

More than ever, pets are considered important and valued members of the home. They are meant to bring joy and relieve stress, not to amplify it. IoT solutions are evolving to ensure that a husband and wife's best friend is looked after even when you're not around, giving you the peace of mind that at the end of a long day, your four-legged family member is there to take care of you, with a full belly and a wagging tail.

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