The Internet of Things will connect you and make your life easier. Whether you're remotely controlling a gadget or collecting or sharing data, it can all be done without human intervention. The Internet of Things in the office can include a lot of hardware and technology. For example, smart locks, switches, lights, plugs,  etc., increase efficiency and create opportunities. Here are some more effective ways:


Smart lights


Smart apps aren't the only way to lower your energy bills. Smart lighting played an important role and was one of the first IoT devices to gain popularity. Wireless lighting allows employees to control the right amount of light in the workplace. Kamonk offers smart lights that can be controlled using your phone from anywhere in the world; all you need is a working Wi-Fi or data connection. Additionally, they come with over 16 million colors and feature timers, schedules, smart scenes, voice control, and more.



Access control


The decline of traditional keys and locks has allowed electronic access controllers to replace them in various industries. If you forget your key or lose access, there's no reason to lock your door anymore. Now all you need is a smartphone app to manage your workplace security. If users like these solutions, IT administrators and administrators will love them.


For example, modern solutions can integrate door systems with Slack and unlock doors with simple commands, track overtime access trends, integrate with other security systems, and more. Kamonk offers smart locks with various options like remote unlocking, biometric authentication, numeric code, and an RFID card.



Smart assistant


The voice assistant's capabilities may seem limited now, but eventually, it will function as a virtual colleague. In this role, they perform repetitive tasks that complement the work of their human colleagues and allow employees to focus on higher-level projects. One of the great value propositions of virtual assistants is their ability to automate and streamline routine workplace processes. One of the biggest challenges in the business world is starting a meeting, especially when it comes to video conferencing. For employees who struggle with certain abilities, voice assistants can help make everyday tasks easier or take on new tasks and roles that weren't previously possible in today's environment.


When it comes to the possibilities of the Internet of Things, the surface is virtually flawless. Home and office improvement is one way to dig deeper.

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