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Ideas for home automation

 You probably know that home automation ideas have many benefits. You also understand that using home automation sensors can automate lighting, temperature, alarms, door locks, and even security systems. But did you know that other important areas of your home need to be automated?


This article provides the best home automation ideas. Of course, you already know how beneficial an automated multi-zone system can be in your home. With these ideas, you will surely enjoy more comfort, relaxation, reduced energy bills, and other benefits of home automation.



1. Lighting

You may already know this. And we want to focus more on lighting automation. This includes smart lighting that can turn lights on or off at specific times, whether at home or away. Lighting automation works in several ways, which are discussed below.


Automatically dim and brighten lights: Smart lights automatically dim the lights in your home before bed and illuminate them at the right time using smart automation features.


Group control: You can turn off all the lights while you sleep using a command from an app installed on your phone or set a smart scene that groups together several smart devices under a single order.


Sunrise alarm: Lighting automation also works for sunrise alarms. It resembles a sunrise and gradually brightens the morning light. This will prevent you from being woken up by a loud alarm clock. This is also done through an application installed on the smartphone.


Entryway and driveway lighting: You can also schedule your entryway or driveway lighting to turn on automatically before you drive. This works with geofencing. You don't have to worry about what happens. The feature comes with an app installed on your phone. It takes a few convenient clicks on your smartphone to activate this feature.


Night lighting: Lighting automation also enables night lighting. You can set the lights in the kitchen, hall, and bathroom to come on at certain times. You can even set your garage lights to turn on as soon as you open the door. Kamonk offers smart lighting with all the above features; all smart devices can be controlled by voice control and a mobile app.





2. Security


Home automation works very well in the security of your home. Here are some of the ways home automation functions.


 Automatic door lock: The door locks automatically when you leave the house. The app can check if the door is locked or unlocked. You can also lock the door from anywhere. Kamonk offers smart door locks with self-locking features and various access options.


Monitoring & notifications: Real-time notifications are sent to your smart device.


Leak Warning: A sink or other appliance may report a leak. This is useful when you are on holiday or in a property that has not been used for a long time.


Sleep Alarm: Security automation also includes setting the alarm to activate home security when you sleep or leave.




3. Entertainment


If you've never seen entertainment automation, you might be missing out! Automation of entertainment offers great advantages, especially in smart home systems. Here are some of the best home automation ideas.


Music: Stream music to every room in your home with the smart speaker. Needless to say, you can easily control your music from anywhere without unplugging the cables.


Automatically turn on the TV: You can set the TV to turn on when you enter the driveway. This is a welcome home opportunity. This is useful if you have serious TV shows. When you connect, the system automatically turns on the TV. The Kamonk smart plug turns your TV into a smart device that can be controlled anywhere in the world.


Turn off the TV before bed: Using scheduling features, you can set all the TVs in your house to turn off before bed. It also helps reduce energy bills.




4. Comfort and lifestyle

Here is another important area of ​​home automation. Everyone loves convenience, and this automation allows you to relax in the comfort of your own home. Lifestyle convenience and automation can provide many benefits. The most important ones are highlighted below. Laundry: For laundry — you can connect a vibration sensor to your washing machine or use a smart device. The sensor can notify you when the washer or dryer completes a cycle.


Temperature control: Automatically adjust the temperature in your home, whether at home or not. You can decide to lower the temperature at night and raise the temperature if needed. This feature helps to save money.


Blinds: Kamonk offers smart switches that can intuitively control your curtains with features like schedules & timers, smart scenes, and more.


Windows energy saving mode: When Windows is opened for more than a few minutes, the temperature control device is activated automatically and proceeds to the power storage. Works with window opening and closing sensors.




5. Climate control

Reducing the humidity in your bathroom: Another aspect of convenient automation is reducing the humidity in your bathroom. Sometimes the bathroom can be humid, and the fan automatically turns on until the humidity returns to normal. To activate this fan, you need to automate the fan to work like this. You don't have to worry about turning the fan on and off. It works automatically as programmed.

August 11, 2022 — Chief Editor

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