As the price of all goods and supplies rises, many are looking for ways to cut costs. Electricity, an important part of our lives, is, unfortunately, becoming one of the biggest expenses in every home. But it doesn't have to be. Changing your electricity usage and taking simple steps to lower your bill is easy.


LED Usage


Over the years, traditional incandescent or tubular light bulbs have been abandoned, and CFLs have been adopted as warm green versions of lighting. However, LEDs have recently replaced CFLs, which are probably the most economical and best option for low-cost, high-efficiency green lighting. Smart bulbs are the easiest way to save money because you just screw in the bulb. And all smart bulbs are LED bulbs that use at least 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs but last 25 times longer. You can also add dimming to save another 40%. Smart lights work efficiently without turning them off because they can connect to other smart devices, motion sensors, or based on your location (also known as geofencing).


One of the biggest advantages of LEDs is that they do not contain mercury. Although using CFLs instead of incandescent lamps reduced energy consumption, mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants was not considered because CFLs contain very little mercury. LEDs, on the other hand, do not contain mercury. You can also choose a smart switch or a light that can be turned off remotely from anywhere, even if you forget to turn it off.



Manage your AC/heater


Air conditioning and heating are major areas of energy consumption for many families, especially in cities with bad weather. In a city that has returned to normal, people have become accustomed to having easy access to air conditioning or heating rather than adapting to the weather. If necessary, the human body can easily adjust to a certain weather condition, except for unfavorable and harsh weather conditions. And with a smart plug that connects to the AC, you can turn it on remotely from anywhere. Kamonk offers a smart plug that provides detailed energy usage reports sent right to your phone, and it comes with additional features like voice control, timers & schedules, geofencing, and much more.



Unnecessary waste of electricity


Unfortunately, unnecessary waste of electricity is often caused by forgetting to turn off lights, fans, or air conditioners when no one is in the room. You can save electricity and waste electricity when not in use. Also, be careful not to turn on the microwave or TV, as they use a little energy. Choose a smart switch with a built-in timer to turn off lights and appliances after a certain time.



Replace the old one with the new one and upgrade.


Replacing an old device with a new one is often very cost-effective because the new device meets the latest technologies and standards. They reduce electricity consumption, which helps reduce bills. An old air conditioner not only consumes a lot of power but also becomes a mess in no time. You have to decide when is the right time to update your device. Most coupons can be renewed after only one use of the discount period. However, this option should only be used when an update is required.

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