Home security is paramount and there are many ways to keep your home safe. Home security is not about traditional home sirens and alarms. Smart security systems give you peace of mind when you're not at home. Automation and smart devices provide a lot of programs and functions to maintain housing security. Some of the main safety devices that help protect the house:



Smart lighting


If you're looking to improve your home automation, WiFi lighting is worth the investment. Replace existing lights with smart lights that turn on and off using the app. Although smart bulbs may cost more to start up than traditional CFL or LED bulbs, smart bulbs offer many benefits that can offset the initial costs in the long run. The best smart lighting options save energy, last longer than traditional light bulbs, and offer fun and practical customization options.




Alarm system


Alarm systems are the most popular type of home security system and have improved since the days of sirens and flashing lights. Today's alarm systems offer remote control via a smartphone or tablet app, allowing you to arm or disarm alarms almost anywhere. Some systems can alert you when they detect glass breaking, so you can check the situation before calling the police.


Surveillance camera


Surveillance cameras are another part of modern home security systems, and you can choose between indoor and outdoor models, or both. They are equipped with night vision goggles to see what happens in the house at night.


Smart door lock

The easiest way to protect your home is to install locks on all doors and windows. Whether you opt for a simple one or an electronic keypad lock, a variety of security options are available. When purchasing locks, consider whether they have a locking feature that provides additional protection. And if there are children at home, you should consider models that automatically lock when the door is closed. Installing a smart block is an excellent way to prevent theft. Some locks need to enter a keyboard code, while others have Bluetooth, and others can use "Blueto" and connect to the phone to lock and unlock the door or window. Kamonk offers remote unlock, biometric authentication, real-time notifications, and more. We offer two versions of smart locks with similar features




Choosing the best home security system

Here are some tips to consider before purchasing a home security system.


Research and evaluate the company to find the offer that best suits your needs. Once you've narrowed down your options, contact each company for a quote.


Compare offers from different companies and see what features are included in each package. Ask about the degree to which you can customize your installation, monitoring and system.

Find a system that gives you everything you want now and in the future without paying for extra features or upgrades later.


Ask what training your staff will receive before they start working with customers, if your system requires electrical wiring, and if your landlord needs maintenance.

In the event of a problem with your system, ask about warranties and guarantees for each company's monitoring equipment and services.



If you’re seeking the best home security system, it helps to research the many options in the market. The industry is still relatively new and snowballing, so you can find some fantastic deals on quality home protection. How much you invest in a new home security system and the features it requires is important. After considering your options and taking the time to shop around, you may be able to find a home security system that fits your needs perfectly.

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