Smart Home technology generally refers to any set of devices, appliances, or systems connected to a common network that is independent and can be controlled remotely. It can also be referred to as the "connected home" when the technologies in your home work together in one system. For example, home thermostats, lights, speakers, TVs, security cameras, locks, appliances, etc., all connect to a common system that can be controlled from a smartphone or touch-screen mobile device. Smart home automation lets you enjoy advanced features and luxury that wasn't possible before. As technology development continues to expand, so do home automation possibilities to make life easier and more enjoyable for consumers.

Automate and control lighting from anywhere

Lighting is one of the biggest energy consumers in our homes, often accounting for more than 30% of home energy use. Home automation helps reduce energy consumption by automatically adapting to your routine and preferences. Smart lights can turn on and off when people leave their houses or come back from somewhere, using smart geofencing features. Kamonk offers a smart bulb with over 16 million colors to choose from and smart features like timers & schedules, geofencing, voice control, and a lot more.



Saving on electricity bills


With home automation, we can save even more on our electricity bills by doing simple things we often forget. For example, turn off fans, air conditioners, or room heaters when you leave the room. In addition, home automation can set the heating and cooling to the desired temperature so that you can enjoy it as soon as you enter, ensuring comfort at any time. Kamonk offers smart plugs with surge protection and provides detailed energy usage reports sent to your phone.



Easy and affordable home security


Have you ever found yourself searching for a key when you must go to the bathroom in a hurry? With home automation, you can say goodbye to this scenario! Use it to lock or unlock doors and windows remotely, and always carry the key. Kamonk offers two variants of smart locks with various access options like biometric authentication, remote unlocking, numeric code, and more so that you’re never locked out of your house.



Make your home smart.


You can do more with your automated home, like train your house to play music from room to room during your monthly cleaning and ensure the coffee maker is ready before entering the kitchen.

 Stay in touch with loved ones.


After returning home, no one waits for a message from the family. Home automation helps you walk into your home and see for yourself. For parents of young children, a smart baby camera can be used to track young children, including room temperature, activity, and more.

Make Your Home Smart

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