This blog is intended for the average consumer enthusiastic about home automation. We think it would be great to have a place where we can share the best smart home automation solutions and tricks to help guide you through your own home automation journey.

What was once considered fiction in movies has now become a reality in our everyday lives. We now have the power to control everything around us, using our smartphones for smart home entertainment. 

Thanks to smart home automation systems, they’re making things easier and more affordable to build your own smart home.  

Smart home automation services are the future, and it’s no better time than now to learn tips and tricks to build your very own smart home. 

In this article, we share the best smart home automation tips that can help out any beginner with home automation. 

Let’s begin,  


Best Home Automation Tips and Tricks

●    What all can you automate?

This is one of the most common questions asked, what can I automate? Well, first, what makes them ‘smart’? It’s the ability to communicate with other devices, such as IFTTT (If this, then that).

This allows things to work together for security and convenience. Here are the most popular automated devices:

smart light, smart strip light, thermostats, smart lock, smart door lock, a smart plug, and video cameras. These devices are just the tip of the iceberg. 


  • What is IFTTT?

IFTTT or also known as (If this then that) a free web service that allows you to connect all the web services, applications, and devices to each other to automate a simple task. However, with Kamonk devices, these features are integrated into one cohesive mobile application. Our devices are compatible with smart lighting devices.

A touch sensor switch also can be integrated with voice assistants to help you control your appliances intuitively, Home light switches have come a long way since then and can now be integrated with a smart door lock to help you create smart scenes that can basically automate your entire house. The digital door lock is a must have for every single home as it greatly increases the security factor. A smart plug can basically turn any appliance into a smart device. 



●    Say goodbye to annoying alarm clocks

Are you having a hard time getting out of bed? Have your speaker wake you up in the morning. Rather than an annoying alarm, consider programming your speaker connected to a smart switch or a smart plug to wake you up.

You can have your Google Home or Alexa customised as an alarm to classical music or use any artist you wouldn’t mind hearing first thing in the morning. Something positive can get your day started in the right way. 

●     Be vigilant

If you purchase a smart home device such as smart lighting, thermostat, or a streaming device and it simply does not work with other devices, don’t be afraid to return the item.

Some smart home devices are not directly compatible with other gadgets. Please do your research first to minimise your returns. However, Kamonk devices can be integrated with other devices like the smart led bulb.

 You can also integrate it with devices like the bluetooth light bulb. Which in turn integrates with other smart home devices like the smart touch switch. This can go on for as many smart devices you want. A wifi touch switch is one of the best ways to get started on your home automation journey. You can create smart scenes with a smart lock and other devices like a universal remote control.

Kamonk’s devices can also talk with other smart devices like the fingerprint door lock.




●    Do your research 

Before investing in smart technology, especially with new manufacturers, you need to ensure you are not inadvertently purchasing a problem just waiting to happen.

●    Be mindful of your pets.

Protecting your home ensures you and your family are safe, but some of us have small family members around our home to consider, such as pets. You want to ensure your sensor’s plan is prepared for the scampering of paws throughout your home.

Whether for security or water leaks, look for a smart sensor to tell the difference between animals and humans, making the trigging of a sensor much less. 


●    Cost-saving

Both smart switches and smart bulbs both provide unique benefits; you may find both works great for your smart home, but it depends on what best works for you in terms of convenience.

Kamonk is among the best home automation companies in Delhi and one of the best home automation companies in Noida.

We offer the best smart lights for lighting because it is small, convenient and user-friendly. The setup is relatively simple with the bulb approach, and it’s easy to move a bulb to a new fixture if needed.

Plus, smart bulbs are much cheaper. While smart lighting typically costs more upfront, they last 25 times longer; they emit much less heat during operation, which will help you save money in the long run.




●     Start Small 

Building a smart home is not as intimidating or overwhelming as initially seemed, especially if you start small. Start with features that best suit your needs. You can start with the smart switch and work your way up.


  • New technologies

Smart technology evolves every year, and it’s always good to look for the latest and greatest technology you can include in your home. Tech trends can change how we live and interact with others. 


●    AI-assistants 

Platforms like Amazon, Google, and Apple have dominated the smart home industry with voice control. Most smart home gadgets are integrated with the technology to provide the consumer with a hands-free mode of managing the smart electronic devices in your home or car.

If you enjoy listening to music or controlling smart devices with the ability to turn things on and off with your voice, you should consider voice control. It’s the way of the future. 


  • Experiment

In order to know if a smart gadget works for you, you’ll need to spend some time experimenting with different products to achieve your smart home goals. Ask yourself, what do you want from your smart home?  Do you want the conveniences of voice control?

Experimenting with different options to pick the right gadgets for your home will narrow things down accordingly. 


●     Automated Door Locks Can Save You from Being Lockout 

Automating your door locks can be a huge convenience for day-to-day ease of access in and out of your home.

One, it eliminates the need for a physical set of keys; second, you can lock and unlock doors remotely; and third, you can use a single smartphone app to control your locks and other smart devices in your home.

Smart locks can also manage and track who enters your home and from which area they entered.   


●     What are your needs? 

Why are you building a smart home? What are your needs? Is it to take some of the tedious home care tasks out of your hands, such as using a smart robot vacuum.

Whatever your needs are identified before building a smart home. 


●     Secure your Wi-Fi Network 

In today’s home, you see a wide range of smart wireless devices, from smart TVs and appliances to Smart locks and cameras. Taking basic steps to secure your home network will help protect you and your devices.


●     Put Mic on Mute for Some Privacy  

Privacy can be a big concern when it comes to a smart speaker like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or even Apple Siri, but there are some measures that you can take to protect your privacy.

Yes, these speakers always listen for “wake” words, but if you want to be extra, sure your smart speaker isn’t listening, hit the mute button. Our devices can be integrated with other smart devices like the wifi smart bulb. 



●     Privacy Policies 

Price is much lower than ever before for smart gadgets, which also means owning a personal assistant is easier than ever. These smart speakers are holiday hot ticket items on many wish lists giving access to many users’ privacy. Additionally, they can integrate with devices like an RGB light bulb. These are especially fun during movie nights and gaming. A touch switch can also be used for the same purpose. Plus, an electric smart switch is also one of the best ways to get started on your home automation journey. Kamonk offers you the best smart lock in the business. We strongly recommend gettings a google smart lock as it increases the security of your house tenfold.

Before giving your data away, know about privacy policies. Smart devices can make our lives easier and more efficient, but the trade-off could be a potential issue over the security of collecting and personal data. 


  • Ask Google Anything 

If you have a question, then ask Google! Google assistant is an Artificial Intelligence that was created by Google, which uses Google’s powerful search engine to deliver you the best answer to your question.

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