Five Tips To Get Started With Home Automation Today KAMONK

Five tips to get started with home automation today

The modern world has become a global village thanks to the wonders of science and technology. This technology has changed how we do things, our minds, and our lifestyles. It allowed us to improve and modernize our way of life. Now our daily life has turned into a new trend. Here are some easy and cheap ways to jump on the bandwagon and live in a house of the future.


Smart switches


Smart switches or WiFi switches are designed to replace traditional embedded switches. It can be installed using an existing in-wall back box. Yes, you can turn your device on or off like before, but with a smart switch, you have more control. It turns your home into a fully automated home. Looks like a futuristic house, doesn't it? That's not all. Smart home switches can help in more ways than just automation. Kamonk offers premium and modular smart switches in various colors and finishes with premium features such as schedules & timers, group control, family sharing, and geofencing.




Smart lighting

A popular home automation device is the "smart light bulb." This is a modern version of the old lamps. Smart bulbs use less energy and have some extra features that older bulbs don't have. It looks much more attractive and can be controlled remotely by touch or voice. You can increase or decrease the brightness. They are found in a variety of sizes and colors. Anyone can easily buy it and use this modern gadget to turn your home into a tech-powered smart home.


Smart lighting provides additional security benefits at home, work, or on the go. You can set the lights to turn on indoors and outdoors at certain times or when you go home. You can also use the app to control your lights when you're not home. Much better than traditional timers that can only start at the same set time. Think home. Lights randomly turning on and off are much more off-putting than predictable patterns. Kamonk offers smart LED lights with more than 16 million colors and features such as voice control, music viewer using your mobile phone microphone, timer, schedule, and more. The following smart features are provided:


Smart security

Smart security cameras are very common today. You'll find a smart security system for your digital camera wherever you go. This camera can be easily connected to your phone, and you can see every corner of the house, inside or outside the house.


Smart locks offer different unlocking options like fingerprint,  remote unlock, numeric code, and more. Kamonk provides two versions of smart locks with advanced access options such as RFID cards, biometrics, digital/dynamic codes, and manual keys. Smart door locks also allow you to monitor the activity log from your smartphone.





Smart plug

A smart plug is a small adapter that plugs into a standard wall outlet. This small device turns any device without internet into a smart device that can control a mobile app or voice assistant. The smart plug can connect to your smartphone's mobile app via WiFi or Bluetooth. This allows customers to control devices plugged into the outlet. The Kamonk smart plug includes features like surge protection, detailed power consumption reports, geofencing, timers, and more. Using this smart device, you can turn any device in your home into a smart one.





This is a simple example of how modern technology can help people enjoy new trends. Of course, in the era of fast technology, people can use these simple devices to make their daily life fun, exciting and innovative.

August 11, 2022 — Chief Editor

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