Create a Smarter, Safer Home For Your Kids KAMONK

Create a Smarter, Safer Home For Your Kids

Being a parent is a beautiful and exciting experience. It is also very stressful as you have to take care of all the tasks around the home and children. There are numerous things to be done: changing diapers, bathing a baby every evening, shopping, preparing meals and so on. House automation systems can help you a lot and bring you a stressless parenting experience. Home automation sensors can take out some of that stress from your life. Here are some smart home appliances that can diminish worries so you can enjoy more quality time with your children are:

  • Smart garage door controller
  • Smart lock
  • Smart doorbell
  • Geofences and smart sensors
  • Smart thermostat
  • Smart camera
  • Smart speaker
  • Smart light bulbs
  • Smart shades
  • Smart bottle heater
  • Smart thermometers

You can check out the benefits of each of them in this article.

Smart garage door controller

There is a situation that all parents are familiar with: you are arriving home from shopping with kids and uncountable bags, and you need to open garage doors! Kids are running around, and your hands are full of groceries.

Opening a garage door seems impossible! Now there is a simple solution for this situation using smart home automation systems: smart garage door opener. There are plenty of options available: some offer scheduling, geofencing, voice control and remote access, while others make your phone a duplicate of your garage opener remote. The choice you will make, depends on your needs and budget. But, even the most straightforward solutions will make your arriving home easier.




Smart lock

Your children are now all grown, going to school and out to play. And they know they are supposed to lock the door each time after they come in from school or playing. But we know all children aren’t perfect and can forget to lock the door. After all, it sometimes happens to adults, right? With a smart lock, you can set your door to lock automatically after a certain period, such as 15 minutes after entering the house. You can be sure your children are home at the appropriate time via smartphone or text notification. Remote unlocking when your hands are full of groceries can be very helpful as well.

Additionally, they can integrate with devices like an RGB light bulb. These are especially fun during movie nights and gaming. A touch switch can also be used for the same purpose. Plus, an electric smart switch is also one of the best ways to get started on your home automation journey. Kamonk offers you the best smart lock in the business. We strongly recommend gettings a google smart lock as it increases the security of your house tenfold.




Smart doorbell

Wireless home automation systems have come a long way. This gadget, like a smart lock, improves the safety of your child while he or she is home alone. Smart doorbell gives you a notification directly to your smart mobile if someone is at the door. If you combine it with a smart camera, you can see who the visitor is on your smartphone. In this case, you can decide whether you will open the door remotely or advice your children how to respond to a visitor. Some types of doorbell work with motion sensors – visitor doesn’t even have to press the button, you will receive an alert device when a sensor notices movement.




Geofences and smart sensors

If you wish to know where your child is while you are at work or home, you can use geofence application. It locates the position of your child any time, by GPS connection from your child’s wearable device or smartphone. It is handy for all ages of children: when they are young and play in the front yard, you can set boundaries and receive an alert from a mobile device if your child is moving out predefined borders. If a child is older, you can see when he or she returns from school or piano lesson. In older age, you can keep track of car movements if your child is driving a car.

A touch sensor switch also can be integrated with voice assistants to help you control your appliances intuitively, Home light switches have come a long way since then and can now be integrated with a smart door lock to help you create smart scenes that can basically automate your entire house. Touch switches for home are also one of the best ways to dip your toes in the home automation world.

The digital door lock is a must have for every single home as it greatly increases the security factor. A smart plug can basically turn any appliance into a smart device.

Geofencing can easily be connected to other smart home devices, and by doing so, you can have all the benefits from it. For example, you can program the smart light to turn off when a child leaves the marked areas or set a smart thermostat to turn on when a member of your family approaches home.

Smart sensors are devices that alert you when your child approaches dangerous zone at home, like cooker or barbecue, or even a cabinet door where you keep medicals or chemicals. Sensors send an alert to your phone when they sense movement, and you can react to prevent a child from harming itself.


Smart thermostat

It is time to bath your baby, but you forgot to raise the temperature in the bathroom and rooms. Or you want to set the right temperature to ensure your baby isn’t too cold or warm throughout day and night. The smart thermostat is the right smart home gadget for you! The best thing about it is that you can set a schedule for each day, and some of them you can even remotely set if you are coming home earlier than expected. Home will be warm or cold enough any time you need! The additional benefit of a smart thermostat is that it doesn’t only give you the comfort of an ideal home, but also reduce your monthly bills.


Smart camera

After a busy day, every parent needs a good night sleep to recover and get enough energy for the next day. But not so many of them get proper rest, especially if your baby sleeps in another room. Nights of parents of a new-born are full of check-ups of a baby – does it sleep or is everything well. Installing a smart camera might not enable you a whole night sleep, but it will reduce walking to another room to check if your baby is sleeping safely. You can check it on your smartphone!


Smart speaker

If your child falls asleep easier while you are telling him or her a story or sing a lullaby, but you are busy and can’t do it every evening, a smart speaker is the perfect smart home solution for you! You can sing a song or tell a story from another room or play your recorded voice via USB. There is also an option of a two-way talk so you can hear what your child is doing in its room.


Smart light bulbs

There comes a moment in every child’s growing when it is scared of the dark. It doesn’t matter if it is falling asleep in a dark room or going to the bathroom during the night; you will make secure surrounding for your child by installing automated lighting systems. Being alone in a room with diminished light makes a child more relaxed and enables it to fall asleep easier. Later, you can turn lights off remotely. You can make night walks of your child to the bathroom a fearless experience by installing the smart lights in the hallway between the bedroom and the bathroom. Attach the sensor to the bedroom door, connect smart lights to a hub and program them. They will turn on automatically during the night when your child opens the bedroom door. For this, you will need door sensors and hub as well, but it will all make your child feel safe at night. An additional benefit is that you can control lights in a children’s room when they are older, so they don’t get up and play after time for sleep has passed.

You can also integrate it with devices like the bluetooth light bulb. Which inturn integrates with other smart home devices like the smart touch switch. This can go on for as many smart devices you want. A wifi touch switch is one of the best ways to get started on your home automation journey. You can create smart scenes with a fingerprint door lock and other devices like a universal remote control.

Kamonk’s devices can also talk with other smart devices like the fingerprint door lock.




Smart shades

As a parent of a baby, you are aware of what good night sleep or long weekend sleep means to you. But your baby doesn’t care if it is Sunday morning. Enriching your smart home with smart shades will not only protect you from the sun during summer days. Their advantage is that you can set them to close in the morning, allowing your baby to sleep a bit longer and enable you precious sleep!


Smart bottle heater

Many parents find a bottle heater is not a necessity. But for those who are sleep deprived, smart bottle heater could be one of the best smart gadgets they have! There are a lot of bottle heaters available, but a benefit of a smart one is that you can program it from your smart mobile while holding a crying baby or changing diapers, and get alert when the bottle is ready. They have a thermostat, so the milk will not overheat and lose its immunological and nutritional benefits. You can warm formula, breast milk, and food jars.

Smart thermometers

All parents know how their baby is nervous when it has a fever and how difficult it is to check the temperature. But with a smart thermometer, you won’t have to get up at night and wake your baby to measure its temperature. There are patch and wearable types of the thermometer which you can connect to your smartphone and receive an alert when the temperature rises. These types of thermometers are suitable for continuous readings of the child’s temperature throughout the day.

They are very comfortable for children and accurate. However, if you still wish to be present while checking, you can use an ear or forehead thermometer, which you can also connect to your smartphone, transmit readings and track the temperature history until your child is healthy again.



These are basic possibilities of smart home gadgets that can make parenthood easier and give your children a safe childhood. If you wish to have more benefits from smart home appliances, you can connect them via a hub and automatize the home as much as possible. But, start small and enjoy the benefits of gradually upgrading your home into a smart home!

August 10, 2022 — Chief Editor

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