Common IoT mistakes

Common IoT mistakes

There are 25 billion IoT devices worldwide. Our society is more exposed to the Internet of Things than ever before. From smartphones and smart cars to voice-activated assistants, we are all surrounded by the Internet of Things.


If you choose devices like smart switches or smart lighting, here are 9 common IoT mistakes and how to avoid them.


Not changing the default Username and Password.


People often forget to change the default password on their smart device, which is the same as the manufacturer and is weaker and easier to guess, making it easier to hack.


That's why everyone should change their password as soon as they buy a new device. Also, form a strong password with any combination of alphanumeric and special characters! This is especially important for smart locks and safes that work with voice assistants.


Irregular updates


Devices connected to the Internet can receive updates frequently, and receiving these updates over and over again can be annoying. In the end, we ignore it, and hackers exploit it.


To avoid this, you should regularly update your device firmware to fix bugs and keep your device running smoothly and safely. This is an important step in helping your smart home devices perform optimally.



Allowing too many permissions


You'll be prompted to access your microphone, camera, and sometimes your contacts whenever you buy and use a new smart device. Granting these permissions should be done with caution and selectivity.


Minimum permissions should be allowed, and certain permissions should only be granted when needed (WhatsApp contacts may need them, but new store apps you download don't).



Buying cheaper alternatives


Today, the market is full of popular products that are surprisingly cheap. However, these devices lack security and real-time support. Buying cheap is okay; however, you must ensure that security is not compromised. So check the safety features and bearing capacity before purchasing the product. Cheap devices fail quickly and easily. Investing in a quality appliance will make it last for a long time.



Connecting to an unknown network


Public Wi-Fi is very common these days. However, once connected to the network, an attacker can create a fake network and gain access to sensitive credentials.


Before joining a new or open network, you should always verify its authenticity and origin.

Vulnerable routers


A router can be a sweet spot for the attackers if you make this simple mistake – not changing the password at the installation time.


The router password must be changed from the default password to the new one and be strong enough. Do not leave your router's Wi-Fi network open. Always use WPA2 security and update your firmware regularly.


Not accounting for future needs.


You can buy a product that meets your needs today without considering future requirements, and upgrading the system in the future would be too expensive. Therefore, you must purchase a product with the appropriate extensions.


No data backup


Data is one of the most powerful resources in the world today, and we need to conserve it. Some device malfunctions can lead to data loss.

October 28, 2022 — Chief Editor

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