We've all had moments at work wondering what our pets are doing and if they're okay. Your pet's happiness and safety are our top priority as pet owners. Sometimes thinking about them can be a little stressful. What if something bad happens at home when you are alone? You can't always be with your little buddy you love, but you can make your home smart so they can stay safe and comfortable using home automation devices. Here are the best gadgets for all pet owners.



Almost every product these days has a smart sensor. From temperature monitors to door sensors, these devices have several ways to reduce stress when leaving your pet at home. When your pet is at home, you don't have to worry about it being too hot in the house. Get alerts whenever your dog enters or leaves the house with a door sensor. And if there's carbon dioxide or smoke in your home, you'll be notified immediately to fix the problem. These sensors help you protect your pet at all times, whether at home or not.


Smart collar

The Smart Collar can be a game changer if your furry friend frequently escapes from the house or yard and wanders around your neighborhood. Most of them include real-time GPS tracking so you can always see your exact location. You can set up a "smart fence" for your pet and receive a notification when your pet leaves your home or the yard around your house.

The Smart Collar can also track your pet's activity and health, so you can always ensure you're getting enough exercise and in good shape.

Intelligent temperature control devices can be maintained at a comfortable temperature, regardless of where you can stay. You can monitor and change the temperature with your phone when you're at work or with friends, so your pet doesn't feel too hot or cold. Kamonk offers a smart plug that turns your air conditioner or any appliance into a smart device you can control from anywhere. You can also schedule timers, set smart scenes, and use geofencing features.



Camera and smart lock

There are obvious reasons to have a camera around the house. You can see everything from your computer or phone. This feature is perfect for pet owners who wonder if their little friend is sleeping all day, lounging around the house, or being busy when they're not around.

They can also play an important role in your pet's safety. If someone breaks into your home, you'll want to track the intruder and your pet when you call the police.

Smart homes are not just stylish. This device is made to help us with pets, so it is better to use everything it offers.

The smart locks on the other side can be closed when you automatically leave the house. Kamonk smart locks offer advanced features such as remote unlocking, fingerprint authentication, dynamic visitor code, automatic locking, and more.


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