Breaking-in is a legitimate fear among millions of people worldwide, and the usage of technology to safeguard homes has become more prominent over the last few years.

The need for security has become larger than ever, and smart door locks are the answer to facilitating a safer home. They come with a bunch of benefits and serve both business owners and homeowners alike.

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We offer the best smart lock options. All of our devices can seamlessly integrate with other smart lighting devices.

Here are some of the reasons why your home deserves a smarter security system and why you should invest in one –

Control your smart lock through your phone

Smartphone-friendly systems – We’ve all faced difficulty coming back home with our hands full of groceries and shopping bags and juggled in finding the key. We know that the struggle is real. This can be solved by using devices like wifi lights which light up on their own when you are in the vicinity of your house. Or you could use a  touch sensor switch that detects your location and turns on appliances. Touch switches for home have come a long way and they offer amazing functionalities like integrating with other devices like the smart door lock. This makes it very useful as controlling a digital door lock while also using other devices at the same time is game-changing. You could also connect other non-smart appliances to a smart plug and basically automate your entire home and control it from your phone or a universal remote.

The smart door lock can help you in such scenarios, and all you have to do is integrate your digital door lock with the phone to gain early access without a standard lock and key system.

You can enable smart locks, but Wi-Fi offers extra convenience and is super easy to integrate into the overall system.


Using dynamic password

Using dynamic password is a great way to allow people to enter the house when youre not present. You can do so by getting a Wi-Fi-enabled smart lock. The door lock will enable you to present an e-key for those who require access to your building. Some of the situations can include –

  • Allowing delivery executives to drop your packages inside
  • Renting out the house as vacation spots and allowing exclusive guest access
  • Allowing new owners to tour your home while youre away
  • Letting friends chill while they wait for you and so on.


These e-keys can be deleted as you wish and also be used to create duplicate” keys that can be easily erased at your discretion.


Live monitoring

Detection of presence – Our smart door locks can help in presence detection, so you dont end up being locked outside. Our smart lock can be opened with pure biometrics or RFID, making it simpler to open them

They also send real-time updates to your smartphone, and they work in tandem with other home devices and smart home solutions.


Improved security

Our smart door lock system provides better protection as it can be integrated with other devices like the Bluetooth light bulb and that no one can pick it like a traditional lock. The older solution would’ve been to create new locks, which would’ve helped burglars pick. This is one of the reasons for the rise in smart home solutions in India.

However, with the smart lock, keyless entry ensures no robbers can easily access the deadbolt. You can also have remote monitoring systems that tie smart locks to full-home or -office security. They also provide alerts in the event of any suspicious activities and smart locks can  be integrated with other devices like the smart led bulb.


A boon for the elderly

Convenience for elderly or disabled – Older adults can sometimes have difficulties accessing traditional locks, and the automatic door lock systems &  the smart touch switch can have a positive effect on their needs. Other people who could benefit include – 

  • People with Parkinsons
  • Elderly
  • People with cerebral palsy
  • People who wear wrist braces for carpal tunnel syndrome
  • And more

This smart door lock can help disabled people easily access doors and ensure they don’t lock themselves out in an emergency and also turn on other devices like the wifi touch switch. Which can actually work with the smart lock.



RFID technology

Our fingerprint door lock can also be unlocked using an RFID card. These locks interact with other devices to provide you a more secure home. Our smart locks also come with fingerprint recognition technology to allow for easier access and entry for anyone and work with other devices like a universal remote control.


Easily to install

Our smart locks work smoothly with your existing system; however you need to replace your current deadbolts for an extra layer of security. Our models also include traditional keyholes in instances when you might need one. With these options, finding the smart lock that’s perfect for your office or home becomes easier. We are also proud to offer the best smart home automation services in Mumbai.


Unparalleled protection

With Wifi-based home automation and the smart lock, you can lock and unlock using the mobile application when you’re not there. You can also check in once in a while with the video system. Here are some of the scenarios you could encounter in the event of purchasing a smart lock –

  • Vacations with peace of mind
  • Working during night shifts
  • When kids are home alone or with a sitter
  • Running errands and
  • When guests use your home
  • Multiple methods to access locks

Multiple methods to access locks

 If you have a smart assistant at home, you can also integrate it to open doors and integrate a  touch switch with it too as technology has come that far. You can use the BlueTooth option on your device and also control other devices like the electric smart switch, but with the assistants, you can program the smart locks in such a way or also use Wi-Fi, giving you multiple methods to open the locks.

Our locks also come in different styles, colours, and shapes. They add a futuristic look to your home. Kamonk offers various devices like the home light switch.


Additional Benefits of Smart Locks

Other benefits come with getting yourself a smart lock for your business, home, or relativeshomes. These include not having to hide a key under the mat or at a designated spot, more convenient access for security features, and updating pins. You can also add/remove e-keys as you wish to.  They can also integrate it with other devices like the touch light switch.

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Order them now, secure your home for the future, and keep your family and yourself safer than ever!


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