Are Smart Plugs The Future of Home Automation? KAMONK

Are Smart Plugs The Future of Home Automation?

What Are Smart Plugs?

Smart Plugs are simply smart plug adapters that plug into your existing wall sockets. You can then plug in your household appliances, such as your kettle, toaster, lamps etc. and have control of these devices remotely via an app.

Essentially an Alexa Smart Plug gives you control of the flow of electricity. You can switch whatever appliance or lamps you have plugged into the Smart Plug by using the app on your smartphone or tablet.

The control can be taken further by setting up simple timers for your lamps to switch on/off.

Kamonk is one of the best smart home brands in India and offers additional features such as geofencing, allowing you to control the plug based on location, e.g. switch on your kettle and porch light as you pull into your driveway. Genius!




Why Smart Plugs?

You could spend thousands of rupees updating your appliances to make them 'smart.' In the ever-increasing demand for wireless home automation, you can buy smart kettles, washing machines and even a smart fridge; We kid you not.

Using Smart Plugs, you can instantly change your existing lamps and appliances into 'smart' devices that you can control remotely from anywhere in the world. This can help you save money & energy and make your home look more secure when the house is vacant. Kamonk’s smart devices are compatible with other smart lighting devices.

Smart light bulbs can also be integrated with smart plugs as all IoT devices can talk to each other and work seamlessly. The touch button switch is a very good place to start your smart home journey.


Where Can I Use Smart Plugs?

1. Wake Up to Smart Plugs

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Perhaps you like to listen to the radio or enjoy a cup of coffee(modular touch switches can help you with that)? You might heat a croissant with butter and jam, starting your day off with all three.

Instead of getting out of bed and risking barely-conscious accidents, why not use smart plugs to switch these on? Just like other smart devices like the smart door lock, smart plugs also work on the same principle.

With less to concern you in the morning, you'll be able to focus on getting yourself dressed and looking presentable. The benefits are multiplied if you have a family especially when you use it with other devices like the digital door lock!


2. Enjoy Pre-Heated Hair Irons

Need to style your hair before stepping out? Why not preset your smart plugs to switch on at the optimum time?

A timer or time-based app can be used to remotely switch on the plug, letting your hair irons heat up.

It might take a couple of days to get right, but you should find those hair irons are ready to use when you pick them up.


3. Fool Opportunistic Burglars

Many burglaries are opportunistic crimes committed by thieves too lazy even to bother planning something. You can set your wifi bulb or wifi light to turn on periodically.

But what can a smart plug do to help?

If you're out or away from home for a few hours and concerned about crime in your area, why not employ smart plugs to control your wifi led lights?

Either a timer or an app can be used here. All you need to do to create the illusion of activity in your house is to tap a button on your smartphone to switch on Wifi Lights! Similarly, you could switch on your TV as well. When used in conjunction with a wireless home security camera system, your property should be well protected.




4. Cook Dinner While You're at Work

What other smart plug uses might you take advantage of while at work? How about getting dinner ready?

We’d personally recommend that you rely on a crock pot for a healthier and tastier result than a microwave. You can activate the crock pot remotely to ensure you have a very tasty meal to come home to. The wonders of smart home solutions are never ending and one of the main reasons smart home companies are on the rise.

Budget won't stretch to a smart plug with Wi-Fi? Simply program your smart plug to switch on so that the meal will be ready when you get home.


5. Feed Your Pet While Working Late

Think you're not going to be home on time to feed your cat or dog? It's always hard leaving pets all day, but you wouldn't want them to go hungry. While programmable, timed feeders are available, a pressure trigger feeder with a Wi-Fi smart plug is a good alternative. You can also use a bluetooth light bulb to light the house when you’re away.

They can be integrated with other devices like smart touch switch which allows you basically control one device like the wifi touch switch as soon as some other device is turned on/off.

Having an automatic feeder connected to a Wi-Fi smart plug is a sensible backup. A Smart lock is also a good addition to this.


6. Switch Off Your Tumble Dryer Overnight

Control your tumble dryer remotely with a smart plug that also controls the fingerprint door lock.

Tumble dryers have been proven to cause many house fires over the years. To avoid this, employ a smart plug programmed to switch off the tumble dryer after, say midnight. Furthermore, Kamonk’s smart plugs can be integrated with various devices like the smart led bulb. 


7. Control Your Kids' Consoles and TVs

The modern family household often features a children's bedroom or playroom complete with a TV and game consoles. You might even have a PC too, preferably with family safety software installed. But what about the TV and console?

Well, smart plugs come to the rescue once again. Simply place between the appliance and the power outlet, setting the timer to shut down the devices when agreed.

Consider also opting for a smart plug app to manage time earned by your hardworking children on their game console. This creates an app-controlled outlet to remotely control the console. Just avoid shutting down before their game has been saved!


8. Remotely Recharge Device Batteries

Smart Plugs can charge your garden tools in readiness for use and can also be integrated with a universal remote control.

You're at work and notice what a stunning day it is outside. While, there is little you can do to enjoy it from the office, a smart plug can help.

You could top it up mid-afternoon by leaving it connected to your garden trimmer's rechargeable battery. By the time you pull into your driveway, it's ready to use!

Similarly, you could use a Wi-Fi-connected smart plug to charge your vacuum cleaner. This might prove useful if you discover that your family are dropping in, and you need to quickly tidy up.


9. Keep Your Space Warm in Winter

Your den, man-cave, office, or private study area… Whatever you call your chill out space may get quite cold in the winter. This is especially true if your space is a shed, or an attic.

What you need is a way to heat it up before you get there. Why not plug an electric radiator into a smart plug, and remotely activate it to warm the room in advance? If the radiator isn't set too high and you don't leave it alone for too long, you should find yourself stepping into a nice, warm, and cozy space.


10. Save Money on Your Next Electronic Purchase


How much do your electrical appliances cost to run? One of the big draws about smart plugs is the ability to connect them to smart meters.

These devices can tell what is in use, and how often they're active.

Our smart plugs can measure how much energy is being consumed. You can use this information to judge your electricity bill and choose a potentially more efficient device in the future. Dont forget Kamonk offers other devices like the wifi smart bulb.


11. Warm Your Bed Up Before Bedtime

Whatever the season, if there's a cold spell or you live in cooler climes, an electric blanket is wise. It's doubly important if you're older and feel the cold more than you used to.They can also control an rgb light bulb which changes colors based on the time of day.

Electric blankets are clearly not the greenest devices, which is why it's sensible to use a smart plug. With a timer or connected to a touch switch, you can instruct the electric blanket to switch on and heat the bed. Similarly, you can time the blanket to switch off before you make the journey to your bedroom.

After all, you don't want your bed to be too warm, this is where the electric smart switch comes into play. Kamonk also offers the best smart lock in the business.



12. Switch Everything Off When You Fall Asleep

We've already looked at the pitfalls of having appliances running while you're asleep. But how can we ensure that they are switched off? What if we forget one of them?

Your music system, TV, Blu-ray player, whatever---when you shut down for the night, they will too! You might also consider complementing them with some Wi-Fi light switches.


13. Smart Plug Uses You Should Try!

By now you should have recognised the advantages of smart plugs. They're multipurpose and can be used with almost any hardware like the google smart lock.

To recap, we've looked at 12 creative ways to use smart plugs in your home:

  • Prompt your tech to wake you up
  • Pre-heat hair style devices
  • Prevent burglars
  • Start dinner while you're at work
  • Feed your pet while working late
  • Switch off your tumble dryer
  • Control children's TV and console time
  • Remotely recharge batteries


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