Home automation provides homeowners with home security. One of the smart home security enhancements is the automatic door lock, which is a step up from the typical keyed door locking system. One of the advantages of automatic door locks is the keyless function. Handmade door locks can be easily stolen by thieves. Since automatic door locks can only be opened with a password or a password signal, no one can open them.


Increased security is not the only advantage that automatic door locks guarantee. This device has other advantages described below.



Keyless entry with automatic door locking


One of the advantages of keyless automatic locks is that they are more secure than removing them. However, this is not the only advantage of automatic keyless locks. No need to lose or forget keys with automatic keyless locks. You have probably felt how stuffy it is to be confined at home.



Personal access with automatic door lock


Automatic door locks are also ideal for those who prefer personal access. You can change the code in any way or at any time.


Most models of automatic locks accept multiple codes as valid access codes to enter your home. This allows you to create different access codes for different people you want into your home. Kamonk offers two variants of smart locks with various access methods like biometric authentication, numeric code, remote unlocking, RFID card and a manual key for emergencies.


You can also control who enters and leaves your home with dynamic codes for specific people.




More control with automatic door locks


Automatic door locks are known to enhance home security. You can also manage the house. In passive houses, you are limited by the limitations of non-automated houses. You can't lock a door that you forget to lock when you're not home. But with automatic door locks, you can lock your home wherever you want. Kamonk’s smart locks come with optional auto-closing feature so your door will lock automatically after a certain amount of time.


 You can also lock or unlock your home with your smartphone. And with automatic door locks, you can lock your home on a schedule. This feature allows people, such as postal workers, to enter the home for a limited time. The remote control feature of automatic door locks helps in many other ways.


This feature allows you to manage your home whether you are at work or on vacation. So you don't have to worry about your home when you're away. You will never have the same experience as a manual lock.


Smart door locks are convenient for the elderly and disabled.


Smart door locks also have a positive impact on society. With the help of this device, even elderly and disabled people can easily open the door lock. No more standing or bending over the door lock to insert the key and open the lock. Now all that remains is to open the automatic wireless door lock using your smartphone or remote control. Older people tend to become forgetful because their memory declines with age. As a result, you may develop a habit of locking the door you forgot. The automatic door lock function allows you to lock the door with a single click. Perhaps you have elderly parents or grandparents who need this skill. Automatic door locks can bring convenience to your everyday life.

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